Monday, June 27, 2011

Here We Go Again!

A few months back I told you about how many paint samples it took to choose a paint color for the dining room. This project is going to be even tougher!
The past week I've been back and forth to several paint stores trying to find the perfect shade for our Family Room, Kitchen, 2 Hallways and Foyer. All of these rooms open up to each other. OY!

So far, I spent $22+ on these....and didn't like any of them. I think this is going to get costly!

Here are the rooms that we'll be painting or having painted:
The Foyer:

Hallway to the right...

The Family Room, which opens to the upstairs hallway...

Which also opens to the Kitchen.

Oh, the pressure! 
I would love to do a shade of gray as I LOVE the three spaces we have painted gray in our home: My youngest daughter's room(in certain light it looks purple), in the Dining Room (on the bluer side) and in our garage(which is a beachy light gray).
The two things that are keeping me from choosing a bluish gray are the Kitchen cabinetry  and my new gray sofa. Can't chuck all of that just to get a bluish gray paint on the walls. So, I think I'm leaning toward a beigy gray...I guess they call it greige. Looks gray in some light and beige in another. I just hope it isn't too boring!
It's so much easier to help someone else pick paint out for their house!
Any suggestions?

Have a great week!



  1. I absolutely feel your pain. Got a decorator to help me decide what color that our great room needed. But to keep uncomplicated I decided to paint the front hallway through the great room up the stairs to loft. We live in a multi level home. So when I finally paid someone to come paint (no way I'm getting up on a tall ladder to paint those tall walls) was I shocked to find that it was more on the green side. The color was Favorite tan by Sherwin Williams. So my idea of a pretty beige with my turquoise lamps all is now undecided. Can't afford to have it painted again. Guess I'm going to learn to love it. Oh Did I mention that I had painted the front hallway 4 times previously just to see if I would like a color? Hence the Decorator. Ughhh....

  2. I have the hardest time picking out paint. Last time we painted I let my hubs pick out the color & I LOVE it!!

  3. Decisions, decisions, decision ... ugh. Admittedly, this is not something I enjoy doing either because there are simply too many fabulous paints to choose from! I know whatever you decide, it will be gorgeous ... can't wait to see !!

  4. Oh... that is a lot of space to coordinate. I'm sure it will look wonderful. You have a lovely home. :)


  5. Pam, try Revere Pewter by benjamin moore. It is a greige. I told another blogger about it when she was having trouble choosing a color for her guest room and she loves it. It is the color on the walls in the nautical guest room and it changes according to the light on it.

  6. Hi Pam...

    Good luck on the decorating projects. Wow. That's a lot of wall space to paint. You have a gorgeous home, though.

    I keep it simple in our house. Had all the old, yellowed wallpaper stripped off and painted almost every wall Navajo white. That way, I can use lots of colorful accessories. When I get tired of a color, on to the next color accessories. All walls are creamy Navajo white except for the kitchen which we painted "Morning Sunshine" It's a very pastel yellow that is beautiful and goes perfectly with white cabinets.

    By the way, Pam, thanks so much for visiting my blog today and for commenting, too! Please come back to visit often. Susan

  7. I ended up with Huntington Beige HC21 for my kitchen is open to the dining then living area. We I am most fond of about it is in certain lighting it seems to have some green, or gold or gray tones to it. It's sophisticated looking and since I already had some olive and gold tones it was a perfect choice. I like the taupes, always a favorite. I have a picture album on Facebook with my kitchen painting project. I think if shows how the color changes depending on the light. Check it out if you like. Liz

  8. Pam I know it's going to turn out fabulous, can't wait to see!! Martina

  9. Have you tried a gray with brown undertones? I recently helped someone with a dining room project and we used a shade called Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore and it looked beautiful with her wood floors. The brown undertones in that gray complimented the wood really well.

  10. I think picking paint colors is hard as well. It looks like you have some great suggestions though. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  11. I hear ya! We are having the outside of our home painted next week and I still couldn't decide on a gray color. The more I looked the more confused I got although I do love playing with paint chips. :) Finally I drove around neighborhoods until I found a color I loved and then took the painters to see.


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