Friday, June 10, 2011

Sad Before & After

My oldest daughter's bedroom was my favorite project last year. I guess we started it the year before, but it was pretty much finished last June. I continued working on several projects up until about 6 months ago.

Here's what it looked like all finished...

My daughter chose Lucent Purple by Valspar for her paint color. I wasn't too sure about her choice until we started painting. Once the first bit of paint was rolled on the wall, I loved it.

Here's how it looks today... :.(  tear...  
For those of you who are new to my blog; my daughter moved to SoCal last month.
Sammy slept on her bed for two weeks after she left. He used to sleep outside her room against the far wall in the hallway.

We tried very hard to ship her amoire~ (we decked it out as a hair/jewelry/makeup station), but it was just too costly. You can see the inside of it HERE.

She took her artwork and most of her accessories with her, but Mr. Fanatic bought her new lamps in California. She & I weren't  in love with the ones in her room.

This closet was wayyyyyy to small for her. She had over 200 tops and at least 50 pair of shoes! She saw an article once about someone putting their bed in the closet and using the room as the closet and asked if she could do that!
If you'd like to see more of my oldest daughter's former bedroom, you can go HERE.
Not sure what I will do with this room...I already have a large craft room/office, a guest bedroom and have 2nd family room in our basement...ok, don't hate me. 
I don't think I could change this room right now anyway. I probably will just buy a new coverlet and put the bedskirt back on.
Would love to hear from all of you who've been through this!

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  1. Oh, this post made me a little teary! My daughter's room looks like your daughter's former room. So, we were just talking about how we would re-do it for the last time since she'll be a Jr and will be off to college before we know it! It feels like I just bought baby furniture! I feel for you. I'm not looking forward to that stage-although, remember how exciting that time was when we were that age? I do love the purple room-just beautiful. I'll show my daughter this post! And, take your time, you don't have to make a big change now. Take care.

  2. Oh that just makes me want to cry, Pam! I would have to just finish it with some bedding and accessories for a long while! Kind of like a place for her to come home (just in case)!

    While at orientation for my son's college, some kids spoke and said that the hardest thing for them was when their parents did away with their rooms. They felt like they weren't part of the home anymore, just a guest. Of course it is different with your daughter but kind of the same concept!

    I feel your sadness! I also love what you all did with creating her room. Just gorgeous!

  3. Bless your heart! I haven't been through (yet) but I feel your pain!! Hang in there. :)

  4. Oh, that is definitely a sad before and after Pam! :-( After I left for college my parents kept my room basically the same and it was a welcoming and familiar place to come home too. I think your idea for just getting new bedding is a good one!

  5. After you get past the sadness...give yourself some time...I wouldn't do very much for a while...all of mine moved back at least once...and I even had steps who had never lived here move in...Things change...
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!!

  6. That is a sad before & after Pam, I loved the way this room turned out! I think adding a new coverlet is a perfect idea, because I'm sure she will be back for plenty of visits!! Martina

  7. Her room was so cute! I'm sure you'll make it look great again, but I understand your thoughts about waiting to change it up completely. :)

    I had to laugh about the closet/bed thing. Very funny.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Boo hoo! My first child will be leaving for college (I think) in 2 years and I'm already dreading it! I agree with what Bonnie said above. Maybe wait to change anything until you make sure she is settled in and happy where she is.

  9. Virtual hugs for you Pam. My babies are growing up too so I can only imagine what you must be going through. One minute you have two daughters at home, the next one is moving away and the other is starting college soon. Didn't their childhoods fly?

  10. I know where you are at on this Pam! I'd dress the bed up and when she's home it will still be her room. Especially since you don't have a pressing reason to use it. My daughter's cat lives with us still and she stays in her room all the time! We call her the bedroom cat! I go in and pet and brush her. She comes out for a while and goes back in! I figure it's about smells and somehow they figure that person will be back, any moment! It will get easier! I have my sights on my daughters room for my office. She doesn't know yet! LOL.... Hugs


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