Monday, August 8, 2011

A Trip To The Sleepy Poet

I've wanted to go to the Sleepy Poet antique mall since last month's I <3 Thrifting event. Some bloggers made it their last stop of the day. A few of us never got out of the Goodwill's parking lot because we were having such a good time talking with each other, so we missed out going there!
On Friday my youngest daughter and I went to Sleepy Poet, despite the torrential downpour happening in Charlotte!

There were so many drool worthy pieces of furniture....

Is there a name for this ironing board/chair? I thought it was clever.

My oldest daughter would love this booth, as she loves old cameras.

Wouldn't this look good displayed in a bookcase?

What a collection!

I love this desk.

There was even a booth where Annie Sloan chalk paint was sold.  Word is getting around!  My daughter bought a few little things, but I walked out to the car without buying anything.... that is until I gave in to something I had seen that was calling to me. You know that voice in your head that say's "your going to wish you had bought that when you get home"?

Maybe it's just me.

Happy Monday!



  1. I see lots of great things there. Wish I was closer.

  2. Our favorite antique store! We go at least once a month. There are so many new items that come and go there. Annie is new, that must in the past month or so. We have lots of treasures from there. Glad you finally made it.

  3. That is so nice. We don't have anything even close to this type of style in antique stores here in Cola. Looks like a place I could spend hours wandering around!

  4. Oh man! That looks like an incredible place for finding treasures! :-)

  5. What a neat the name. I have never seen such a large collection of vintage cameras!! Looks like you had fun!


  6. Wow, I'm drooling over some of the items in the first few pictures! I saw a sideboard like that off white one in the first picture turned into a double sink vanity! Ever since I saw that I wanted one! That's a perfect piece for it! They put carrara marble on top and it's gorgeous! I love those book cases too!

  7. I love The Sleepy Poet. I try to go about once a month and it's always full of great items.

  8. So much pretty eye candy Pam! I would love to shop in a place like that! martina

  9. Oh my... that is all lovely! I saw several things!!! Those cameras are so cool. I would love to have some to decorate with when I do my office!

  10. Oh yes, I definitely know the "you'd better get it or you will regret it" feeling! Glad I'm not the only one! So now I'm curious as to what you found that had to go home with you...=)


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