Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blooming Monkey Grass

Our backyard garden doesn't look it's best in the summer and the heat this summer has been particularly  brutal on our plants and grass. I don't have  grass anymore because it's been fried, but I do have a carpet of green weeds! The sun also takes a toll on my other plants, as well.
One plant that I has done well, despite the heat is monkey grass, or liriope. I  love when it starts blooming in the heat of the summer when most everything else is struggling.
I have monkey grass planted all over the yard. It doesn't take much water and it grows fast. I didn't purchase any of my monkey grass. My first few plants came from  a nice handyman who worked on our punch list when we first moved into our house 11 years ago. I just keep dividing plants every couple of years.

I have some planted on the edge of my basement patio.

I also have a lot planted in the woods.

This year, I divided and planted more liriope when I covered up one of the paths to the creek.

Hope you are staying cool today! our weather pattern is in a cooling trend and I'm  looking forward to it.

The kids in our neighborhood are starting back to school this week and my youngest daughter starts college next week! So glad she's staying local, especially with my oldest daughter moving to California this past May.
We would be a mess if they both flew the nest in the same summer!

Hope you have a great day!



  1. I think your outdoor space looks fabulous! We are in the process of brainstorming a backyard makeover. Trying to keep costs down as much as possible too, not easy!

  2. Looks beautiful Pam. Our Liriope is looking good too. Just about the only thing in our garden that looks good!

  3. aka Liriope! I've never heard it called Monkey Grass before...and yes, it's great down here!

  4. I love Liriope Pam. Your gardens always look AMAZING! Martina

  5. Ours is doing well, too. Mine came from our first house. I divided the plants before we moved. The monkey grass that I divided from came originally from my mom's old house. No sense in paying for small pieces at the nursery.

  6. Pam, your garden looks amazing! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be without the excessive heat.
    So glad to hear that your daughter is going to college nearby. It's so hard when they 'grow up' and move away.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Your garden and plants look great to me! At least you have trees for shade - I'm in fun sun here in Charlotte. As a matter of fact, I'm heading out to the garden now to pull the old sunflowers out and ALL the weeds. My hostas are looking tired too.

  8. Lovely, just lovely "Monkey Grass."
    Joyce M


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