Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Give Up!!!

Hey everyone! 
Do you ever have a difficult time trying to find a specific piece of furniture for your home? 

I've been looking for an antique dresser that I can refinish for my foyer. I just don't seem to have enough storage for my tablecloths, napkins and placemats and all of that is crammed into my dining room buffet. I've searched and searched on Craigslist for nearly a year trying to find an antiques dresser that's about 40-42" wide x 20 or so inches deep and 30-32" high. I know they're out there because I see them every week on linky parties where they've been beautifully transformed. Alas (sigh), I cannot find one for my own. (drama goes here ~ hand to the forehead). 

Finally this weekend I had Mr. Fanatic bring down the dresser from my oldest daughter(who moved to California)'s room. I figured it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't being used and I could use it while I keep looking
for right one.

Here's what that space looked like before:

And most recently, it looked like this:

Here's what it looks like now:

Unfortunately, there isn't an outlet on this side so I can't have a working lamp on the dresser ...sounds like another project for Mr. F.
Sorry honey!

I think I need a big plain mirror for this space as well....

It works ok, for now.
Now back to working on the family room. The main part of our house is a total mess. Hope you'll come back to see it!




  1. The piece looks great. I love the look. If you don't have a lamp, try elevating a huge candlestick or hurrican on some books and a mirror will be fantastic. I saw some fabulous ones at half price at HL and they also have some super ones at Ross and TJMaxx. Can't wait to see it. Hugs, Marty

  2. Funny Pam, I have been looking for one as well. Nothing, I don't get it, where are these girls lucking out. The piece looks good you have there now, pretty vignette too.

  3. Hi Pam,
    The dresser looks great in your entrance, it fits perfectly. I think a mirror will look great too! Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  4. Are you kidding Pam? That dresser looks fantastic there ! I love it and if it had a large mirror leaning on the top it would be perfect! I think your search is over!

  5. Glad you found a temporary fix. Looks nice. I am sure if you are patient you will find the right piece. You need to go to estate sales.

  6. Oh I feel your pain ... I'm always looking for something or other that I can't find, lol! That piece is a good temporary fix, and I agree that it needs a mirror. Good luck finding your dream piece :)

    Suzy xxx

  7. I feel your pain my friend! I have been searching and searching on Craigslist and in thrift stores for something to use in my dining room and just can't find the right thing. I think your piece looks pretty fantastic there though so even if you don't find something else, it is a beautiful one to fall back on! :-)

  8. I reaslly like the piece you have there now, but understand you want to find the PERFECT piece! I, too, need STORAGE!!!! Like Marty said, try a big candlestick instead of a lamp. XO, Pinky

  9. I like how you solved your dilemma. Very nice, Pam.

    Thanks so much for your imput on my question. I keep in touch with some school friends on FB also and just last week I reconnected with someone I met while I was a military wife almost 50 years ago. It was fun talking with her again.

    I do post some photos on FB, single photos I've edited and a few others. This week, Gabi (who is staying with us) has "talked" to her mommy, through facebook, while she has been in the hospital.

    I enjoy blogging and as long as I enjoy, I'll keep blogging away.

  10. I think that dresser looks great there and I love your vignette on top! You should get the fake candles that are on a timer and put on a chunky candlestick to give you some light there. Hey, I am just trying to help out Mr. Fanatic!!!!

  11. I actually kinda like that one there too! I especially like the color as well. I thought I wanted a new foyer table too but my foyer space is very narrow due to the stairs and hall and hard to find something in that size that isn't new and expensive. After shuffling the old cabinet out with a few others I ended up moving a sofa table to the spot and feel good about it now. Maybe you will find exactly what you want when you aren't looking anymore, that's usually how it goes for me! LOL!

  12. I think it looks really good & agree that a mirror would really add to it.

  13. Love it!! Also love the paint color of the walls.

  14. although it may not be your dream dresser, it looks quite lovely in your foyer.. I agree with the mirror over it.. don't give up, it took me 4 years to find a couch! xo marlis


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