Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Cake

This makes the second time this week that I'm going to bring up food. Seems like that's all I see on blogs and Pinterest these days. Or maybe it's just because I'm on a low carb diet. LOL! I'm hanging in there and hoping this won't go on til Christmas!


Our daughter Jenny just celebrated her 18th birthday earlier this month. She didn't want a big party this year, but wanted her daddy to make her a strawberry whipped cream cake with some blueberries on top. I just have to show it to you because it was so beautiful!

Look at all those candles! Our baby is all grown up!

We went out for a nice dinner, then came home for dessert.  This cake is one of our family favorites!

Make a wish!

Here's what the inside of the cake looked like. Yum! I saved my carbs for dessert on that day. It was totally worth it!

This is a really easy cake to make, although if I made it, it wouldn't look nearly as nice! Y'all know Mr. Fanatic used to be a chef and spent some time as a pastry chef, don't you? 

To make this cake you need: a yellow cake mix, then whip up some heavy cream(add powdered sugar & vanilla), cut up some strawberries and put it all together.

Does your family have a favorite cake that gets requested for a birthday or  special occasion? 
Would love to hear all about it.


 We usually just wing it when we make our whipped cream, but here's a recipe for making whipped cream at  


  1. Your daughter is beautiful!

    The cake looks scrump-deli-icious!

  2. Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter!
    The cake looks delicious!
    Pam, you have to give us more specifics on that yummy cake! (smile) How much of this and that goes into it?
    Your hubby did a fantastic job!

  3. Which is more pretty the cake or your daughter Pam ..... (joking) Happy birthday to her she is a beautiful girl.... and yummmm yummm is cake... oh what is inside the cake makes me hungry right now... strawberries cream so tempting...

  4. OH MY!! That looks amazing. Wow! I have made cakes very similar in ingredients, but never, ever were they that beautiful! Very impressive. And it's making me hungry. =P

  5. wow that cake looks delicious!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! your husband did such a beautiful job on her cake.

  7. WOW, that looked good Pam. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.

  8. Oh the cake looks so good! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one on a low-carb diet, lol!! For me it's a way if life, although my mother tries to sabotage daily. Happy birthday to your daughter!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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