Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Table

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing day...or at least I did. 

Ok, don't hate me, but Mr. Fanatic did ALL the cooking. 
Yup, ever bit of it. 
I am a lucky girl. If it were up to me I would make....reservations. 

There were three of us this year~ the first holiday without our oldest daughter, who moved to California last May.

My youngest daughter and I set the table. I usually set the table for a holiday several days in advance, but we didn't start this year until the turkey was almost done.

Mr. F. brought home flowers for the table on Wednesday, as well as a bouquet for me and one for my daughter. Ah, so sweet!


I took this photo with my cell phone...I know...cell phone at the table? I was texting our daughter in California and sent her this photo.

Today was a carb free for all! No counting carbs today...It was glorious!

I couldn't wait for dessert.

Mr. Fanatic made a pumpkin pie.

I bought a little apple pie at Trader Joe's, since I don't care for pumpkin pie.

I had two helpings of apple pie, ice cream AND whipped cream. It was sooooooooo good.
We had our meal at around 3 pm and watched movies all afternoon.

Hope you counted your blessings yesterday. I know I did.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your table looks gorgeous, and I am with you, I don't like pumpkin pie!
    I am a very lucky girl, too, my husband does most of the cooking for our gatherings.

  2. Looked like an awesome day and fantastic meal. Yes you are lucky Pam your hubs did all the cooking. Mike did the turkey and helped clean up.

  3. Wow...lucky you to have a husband will to tackle such a big cooking day! It all looked wonderful!!!

  4. He cooks and brings you flowers? You're one lucky lady Pam!

  5. WOW! Your lucky alright! The food sure looked yummy!!!
    Your dining room is beautiful.

    I love the acorns on the table and your pretty flowers.


  6. What a gorgeous tablescape! And, the goodies look delicious ... lucky girl, you! The fresh flowers are a beautiful touch. I hope you enjoyed such a special day!

  7. I agree: no pumpkin pie for me either! Pecan all the way!! Actually, I'm not a pie person at all.. much prefer cake. And, since it was my birthday that day, I got to "have my cake and eat it too"!! And with this glorious weather, it was a perfect day...

  8. Hey Pam- this looks wonderful! You did a great job and I love seeing your dining room (with the new paint color) it's so fresh and inviting! I love pumpkin pie and apple pie! I would have had both! I just came home from a 4 day marathon with the family. We had a good Thanksgiving but it's good to be back home!


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