Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Antique Keys

I love antique keys and am always on the lookout to find more. Last week I found a few small antique keys at Paris Market in Savannah and bought three of them. Mr. Fanatic was the one who actually saw them up at the front of the store and pointed them out to me.
I wasn't sure where they would end up, but bought them anyway. After we arrived home there was a great photo on Pinterest and I copied the idea. I didn't include the photo here because there wasn't a source for it on Pinterest. 

Yesterday I went up to the craft room and gathered some ribbons and plain white tags.
Here's what I did with the antique  keys:

The little brass numbered plate was purchased at Paris Market, as well.
I pressed the white tags on an inked stamp pad and tied the key and tag together with the ribbon. Then I wrote some things in French on them with a fine black Sharpie marker.

They all ended up in a silverplated tray (which needed polishing) in the foyer.
The tray with the antique keys will be part of a vignette on the dresser in the foyer. 

Is there something you love to collect that doesn't cost you a lot?



  1. This is such a pretty way to display your keys, Pam. I love the silver platter and the tags are wonderful!


  2. Those are so pretty the way you have them displayed. I collect too many things to list.

  3. Those are fantastic Pam. Lovely display too. I collected tea pots and tea cups for years, now I have most of them packed away. I like to dig them out though and display them every once in a while.

  4. Oh my I am guilty as well. Too many to mention.

  5. I think you found the most perfect way to display those pretty keys! Very creative & they look great!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party!

  6. I just never find key and I think they are just wonderful. How fun. I love the ribbon and the tags and so pretty on the silver tray. Hugs, marty

  7. That is so cute. And just the perfect sort of touch that makes a room shine with the little extra something ;)

    I collect a little of everything. I am a big hog ;) lol

  8. Love your keys and love the Paris Market!

    I collect perfume bottles and sweetgrass baskets.

  9. Love your keys! They look great.

  10. So cute and lovely... how beautiful they are looking...
    With love

  11. I guess I don't have a thing I collect, I just have a lot of stuff!
    Your idea turned out marvelous! The tags you made up look really great and I love the idea of the ribbon tied on their ends. I have some keys I bought that are replicas of the real thing and that idea might give them some zing that they could use!

  12. What a creative idea! I am a lover of old keys as well~found you today at Savvy Southern Style. New follower! Hope you will return the visit~Angie

  13. Love your new keys....they looks so pretty displayed in the silver tray with the cute gingham ribbon and tags!!!!

  14. The keys are beautiful with the ribbon. I love ironstone and while it usually is expensive I just found six platters at a thrift store so cheap I got so excited. I could barely lift them they were so heavy too. I still have no internet.

  15. They really look great. I have some but have never done anything with them! Maybe I'll try this! Great idea! ♥

  16. I love how you decorated the antique keys. I have the same keys here. They still work on my french doors.


  17. I've been looking for old keys to decorate some of the old bottles I'm collecting. I've got plenty of bottles, but no luck (yet) finding old keys. Love what you did with yours.


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