Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shopping And Dining In Savannah

Last week I showed you the wonderful architecture of Savannah, but I had to tell you about some wonderful places to eat plus show you more photos of my two favorite shops there. is a great resource to use when you are visiting a new city, or your town if you'd like to try something new. 

Soho South Cafe was high on the list of recommended restaurants, so we decided to give it a try. We weren't disappointed.

It's definitely an eclectic place

Our youngest daughter on the right, brought her friend Emily on this trip.

We ordered some paninis and the presentation was awesome.

 A great dive to go to for Pizza is Vinnie Van GoGos. The thin crust pizza is great...and inexpensive. They will also deliver to your hotel if you feel like staying in. Another great place to eat that I don't have a photo  of is Zunzi's. It's a takeout place with a few tables outside. There is ALWAYS a line outside, so you know it's good. Plus, the servings are large enough for two people to share and then you have room for their awesome carrot cake!

You can also get some fabulous food in Papillote french bistro. It is a great place to go after a morning of shopping on Broughton Street.

 Another "must go to" place while in Savannah is Savannah's Candy kitchen.

 They have the creamiest ice cream I have ever tasted. We went there twice!

 I'm making myself drool, here...sorry.

 They are a candy kitchen....and have some awesome hand dipped chocolate covered sweets.

 These candied apples were huge! I loved the chocolate covered oreos on the top shelf. The round thing on the right is a large peanut butter cup. I REALLY wanted to get one of those, but it was too large and I know I would have eaten the whole thing at one sitting!

Let's move on to something that won't make you hungry...Last week I showed you some tablescapes from Paris Market. Many of you have been and told me that you love that shop, as well.

They always have the greatest displays...

 I really wanted this table, but it was too expensive.


Paris Market has a little area where you can grab some coffee. It is so cute...

The other shop I briefly mentioned last week was a new shop called Villa Savannah.
Jewelry was half off that day, so I bought these earrings.

Turquoise seems to be everywhere these days.


I really wanted to get a few of these key hooks, but my project list is already too long!


Savannah is my personal favorite destination for a long weekend getaway, as long as it's not in the summer! We're hoping to go back for another weekend before it gets too hot. I can't wait!
What is your favorite weekend getaway?
Would love to hear about it!

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  1. Next time visit you need to check out J Christopher's for breakfast! My husband and I have been twice and we make an effort to go!

  2. You are right about Georgia in summer. We live in Georgia and suffer through it. The tour was lovely. I have never been to the Paris Market but must check it out. We usually hang out on Tybee Island.

  3. LOove Savannah! Such a fun place to visit, shop and dine! Thanks for sharing Pam.

  4. I loved seeing these pictures!! My husband and I went to Savannah a couple years ago and absolutely loved it there. We are ready for a trip back!

  5. Wow. Nice photos...that looks like my kind of fun. I almost ordered 6 caramel apples from QVC today...then I came back to my

  6. those chocolate covered pretzels look to die for! lovely little post, glad i stumbled upon your blog from bloglovin'
    x kat

  7. OMG! Eye. Candy. Love all these images, thanks for sharing!

  8. I really liked the SoHo restaurant also. I walked there from the river front . I really liked at atmosphere.
    Then Savaanha cany kitchen I ate way to much of those carmel choclar and nuts things, here we call them turtles
    Anyway you can't go wrong by dinning and shopping in Savannah Georgia

    I just bought the cookbook
    Back In The Day Bakery from down on Bull Street, by Cheryl & Griff Day

  9. We didn't get to those restaurants but did make it to the Candy Kitchen a few times. That gelato looks amazing!!! Paris Market was one of our favorite stores. I would have bought so much if we hadn't been flying! We tried their cantalope/basil water. Delicious!


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