Friday, March 30, 2012

Tips for Planning A Graduation Party

It's getting to be that time of year again and it's time to start planning. What am I referring to?
 Why, High School graduation parties! 

Many are thinking about planning a graduation party it right now. How do I know that?... Because photos of our daughter's graduation party on Pinterest are getting "pinned" all over the place!  

Thought I'd post a few of both of the parties we threw for our daughters in 2010 and 2011.

Besides making a guest list, choosing a menu and invitations, here are a few of my tips for planning a graduation party:

1. Pick some vibrant colors for the party.

My oldest daughter chose purple and green for the colors for her graduation/birthday party.

2. Plan on buying some beautiful flowers.

A few days before the party buy some beautiful flowers that co-ordinate with the party colors.
Here I used some simple and inexpensive  bouquets from Trader Joe's and put them in small container inside the painted terra cotta pot.

3. Contrast your colors.

Here I used a bright purple tablecloth to make the desserts and jellybeans stand out.

4. Plan for a spectacular dessert table. 

Use boxes covered in wrapping paper to raise the goodies in the back of the table. Use labels to let your guests know what the items are.

5. Cover the wall behind the main table.

If your wall color behind your dessert table or banner doesn't go with the colors of your party, hang a white sheet on the wall behind the table. Wish I had done this for my oldest daughter's party.

6. Plan on making some fun desserts for your guests. 

Everyone loved the cake pops and cookies at my youngest daughter's party. I got a kick out of seeing the tall 18 year old boys/young men eating the dainty looking flower cookies. At one point during the party there were about 6 boys all standing next to the table with them in hand. I am still kicking myself because I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to take a photo!

7. Make a photo mobile for the guest of honor. 

Include all the photos of him or her on their first day of school for every grade. Throw in some photos of them with their siblings and best friends and special occasions.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for planning a graduation party. Anyone have any others you'd like to share? Is anyone planning a party for a graduate this year? Would love to know!


You can see the original posts for my oldest daughter's party HERE and my youngest daughter's party HERE


  1. I am planning my daughter's party right now. I have a whole pinboard of inspiration for it. I'm definitely planning to incorporate photos of her through the years. Your mobile is cute!! I'm thinking of a 'gallery' of some of her artwork too....I've got the wheels spinning. We have the date now I just need to get the invitations done.

  2. We have one more year to go so I am trying to get ideas now, love your coordinated themes. I'll keep it all in mind for 2013!
    p.s. white sheet, now why didn't I think of that for previous parties...duh!!!

  3. These are great ideas, Pam! I love the color scheme your daughter chose, it all looks so pulled together this way. Wonderful table!!


  4. I think it is awesome that you are getting pinned! You deserve it. You know how to put on a party!

  5. What great ideas for a graduation party! Wish you had written this 10 years ago when I needed it!!!

  6. That is awesome Pam. You really do put together a beautiful, colorful table. I know I would be standing at it all night:)

  7. WOW!!! Pam your tables looks SO fun, fresh, festive and A-MAZING!! Love the colors, balance and wonderful light in the space :) Have a wonderful weekend - and thanks for stopping by my blog today xo

    Happy Spring!

  8. Oh My Goodness...this belongs in a magazine!!! I love it all. Kudos on such a beautiful job. It reminds me of the "candy bar" we set up for my daughter's wedding. You can see it here, if you'd like:

    Happy Spring!

  9. Just gave you a shout out!

  10. Fabulous planning ideas to make any party memorable..It looks same as my cousins reception halls food preparations in long island especially I love the 1 & 3 centerpieces ideas. Thanks for sharing this post.

  11. Can you give me specific of the size of the mortarboards for the cake pops. I am making the cardboard mortarboards but purchasing the cakepops. the two will collide of the actual event. any tips would help...

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by the mortarboards. If you mean what the cake pops are stuck in...I think those were made from styrofoam and covered in white wrapping paper. They were about 12-15" long x about 6". We made them at least 5 years ago and don't have them anymore.


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