Friday, April 13, 2012

Serendipitous Beauty

Don't you just love unexpected loveliness? You know, the kind that takes you by surprise because it just happens when you weren't even trying.

The weather forecast on Wednesday evening called for a frost in our area.


 I complained. 


Because that meant that I had to bring  in or cover all of my newly planted flowers and newly sprouted herbs and veggies. It was a going to be a chore to cover about 30 feet of hostas, tomato plants, basil, strawberries(with already fruit on them) and a bunch of squash.
Instead of covering  my geraniums, newly planted in pots, they were brought inside and  put in the Breakfast Room window.

Wow... so simple and so beautiful...and unexpected. 
A reward for all my work.

I've had quite a few things on this tray table, but none as lovely as these three pots with the red geraniums. 

Yes, it's the little things in life...well you know the rest.

I hope you will experience some unexpected beauty today.

Have a great weekend!



  1. That pop of red put a smile on my face, it must have been nice to wake up and see it in the morning.

  2. Those do look super Pam! I think I would keep them there!

  3. Oh they do look gorgeous. You may just have to get some more and let those stay for a while. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. They look great! Mine look great too. I was so excited when I saw how they'd bloomed the other day.

  5. Bright and Cheerful look for drab days.

  6. Very pretty! I agree with the 'grrrr' on the frost once things are planted! I hope everything survived.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Gorgeous! What a happy pop of color to have in your home. :)

  8. The red geraniums are lovely, especially in the yellow pots.
    We have been getting lots of rain lately, which is needed. I see beauty everywhere.

  9. What a nice pop of color. if you get a lot of sun there, why don't you let them hang out there? :)


  10. Pam that looks so pretty, I would keep them there!

  11. We've had several hard frosts and my poor magnolia is losing it's blooms, but they never opened! I hope your plants survive! Your geraniums look picture perfect by the window! I've got a month to go before I will be buying annuals at the garden center! Enjoy your weekend :-)

  12. There is nothing like beautiful flowers in front of a gorgeous window...Our frost warnings are gone and the geraniums are back outdoors...

  13. Great tray table and it looks great with those geraniums. Maybe you will need to buy new for outside and keep them where they are?

    Robin Flies South


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