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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Table

There are so many places to get room design ideas these days. HGTV, Pinterest, Blogs, Houzz, etc. I enjoy seeing the designs of the professionals, but seeing the home interiors of other bloggers who aren't professionals really is inspiring. There are so many amazingly talented non professionals out there!
Has nothing to do with my Spring Table,  just something that I'm reminded of every day while visiting all of you.

Now for the tablescape...
Hope you're not tired of seeing my Breakfast Room. I started keeping this table set while we had our house up for sale a few years ago. Mostly I keep the table set without dishes because everyone will sit at it more often, but I set it fully the week before Easter. Of course, no one sat at the table all set, which is why I don't keep it set with dishes.

Do you set your table with a tablecloth?
Linens and tablecloths really dress up and soften the table. A table with a tablecloth just looks more finished to me and helps preserve the finish of a wood table for the times when you do want to show it off. 
A tablecloth doesn't have to be expensive. The topper on the table is a piece of fabric leftover from another project. A simple white tablecloth is very practical and can be bleached if it gets a stain on it.

The placemats are actually white napkins. My Breakfast table is small, so rectangular placemats will only fit turned vertically and there weren't any white placemats in my repertoire, so I improvised with some white napkins I already had.

The white napkin placemats have a pretty detail on one corner.

 The green napkins are a new addition found at HomeGoods.

 Green stemware  would look great on this table to top off all this green. Definitely will put that on my list to look for at the Goodwill.

The spring green vase was also a recent HomeGoods find.


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  1. Beautiful table Pam. I agree I get so much of my inspiration from my blogging friends. Love the centerpiece.

  2. Love how layered your table is.

  3. Pam, it is beautiful, with the green and white, I also like the natural round place mats. They ground the setting. I usually have some sort of vintage table cloth on the table at all times. Olive

  4. Beautiful Pam! I would never get tired of seeing your pretty breakfast room!

  5. Great looking table, love the Candlewick glasses, but green would look good too.

  6. Your breakfast area is so pretty and I love your idea of using the beautiful napkins as placemats. How genius is that. The soft green accents are just the perfect touch. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  7. Beautiful, Pam! I love how the vase says spring and goes with the napkins. Very pretty!


  8. This is really pretty. I am a fan of the green and I like how you have the perfect amount on the table. Not too much. Now I hope you have a great meal to go with the beautiful table.

  9. The place settings are gorgeous. I'd be afraid to eat at that table--wouldn't want to mess anything up!

  10. Oh, your table is gorgeous! What a lovely spot in your home! Love the greens and white.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. You set a beautiful table, Pam. I just love the green...so Springy!When we were selling our house I set a table too! I received alot of compliments on my home! Your breakfast area is very pretty. You gave me a few good ideas! Thanks.
    Blessings My Friend,

  12. Gorgeous!!! That green vase just glows with the light. It is really stunning!

  13. Loved that you used the napkins instead of the placemats...great idea and so pretty!...Love the pops of green...I so love your breakfast room!!..

  14. Love it Pam! The green really pops and the new vase is an eye grabber!
    The use of the white napkins for placemats looks wonderful! Love the layered centerpiece and the shasta daisies look marvelous and the ferns make a great filler! What size is the white tablecloth? I know your table is the size of mine...I like how it just sets at the chair height!

  15. Your breakfast area is charming and so is this spring table. The napkins work well as place mats with that corner detail. My visitors are always looking to see if I have a tablescape set up but like yours, no one would dare sit there!

    Robin Flies South

  16. I really love how you set your table! The apple green and beige and white look so pretty together. Your green glass centerpiece really sets the tone for the rest of the table too.

  17. Fabulous blog. So glad I found you, looking forward to your posts.


  18. Such a beautiful tablescape, Pam! I LOVE your green vase ... it's the perfect centerpiece! And, your other pops of green work beautifully with your burlap and creams! You always set such a gorgeous table!

  19. I'm with ya, Pam. Seeing real decor in real homes is an inspiration. And your beautiful spring table makes me want to set mine! The spring green and texture is perfect! ;)

  20. That looks SO beautiful Pam! I love the pops of green and how you used the white napkins as place mats. Thank you so much for sharing this loveliness with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  21. Very pretty! I love the vase! I use a tablecloth for Thanksgiving & Christmas for sure. It's part of my decorating. Other times when we have people over it just depends on how I feel & what the occasion is.

  22. I love everything about this room!!! It is absolutely beautiful and very inspirational! Thanks for visiting, too! -Jessica@GreenPB&Js

  23. A very pretty table and a pretty room.


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