Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Little Pillows

Our oldest daughter had a birthday a few days ago.
She turned 20.
My how time flies.
She moved to SoCal last year in May and has been there over a year now. 

You might recall I went to visit her this past March to help her get settled in her apartment.
 Here's what we used for design inspiration.

A lot was accomplished during my trip to  SoCal. We bought all the basics she needed, but didn't have time to add any color. She still needed some curtains and the little light blue pillow inserts from Ikea needed pillow covers(among other things), so I thought I'd make her the covers and send them for her birthday.

I really wanted to find some faux fur in turquoise for the pillow covers, but couldn't find any at the fabric stores locally. There was some faux fur online, but I would have had to buy a minimum of 1 yard at $20 a yard plus shipping. The little pillow inserts are only 12 1/2", so I only needed less than 1/2 a yard for both pillow covers.

I made one last visit to Hancock Fabrics in hopes of finding something that would work for a pillow cover.
As luck would have it, they had some embellished turquoise taffeta in the bridal section. 

The pillow covers are made with a zipper...I was also lucky enough to find a matching turquoise zipper!

For the photo op, the pillow covers are stuffed with plastic grocery bags. 

I  wrapped the pillow covers up with some jute twine and added a gift tag.

Here's a photo of the birthday girl ~ All grown up.
We miss her terribly.

Now I need to get working on the rest of the things  and send Mr. Fanatic out to SoCal to work on her to do list.



  1. Very fancy! Love how they turned out! It's so nice that you are helping her out with her place. But that's what mom (and dads) are for, right? I'm just contemplating the move to college for my oldest.....that's hard enough!

  2. I like those better than faux fur ones. Very pretty.

  3. Gorgeous, love the fabric, so pretty. I am sure she will love them. Hugs, Marty

  4. Those are beautiful. They really caught my eye. I am sure she'll love them!! Can't imagine the changes when a bird leaves the nest. Hugs to you momma ;)

  5. I love that fabric!! It's so pretty. I wish I had something that it matched. Of course that wouldn't do me any good since I can't sew. HAHA!

  6. You are a good momma to a beautiful girl! I just can't think about children growing up. Jemma being 6 is too much for me to handle! Happy birthday to your lovely lady! Those pillows are to cute!

  7. You lucked out not finding faux fur! That fabric is gorgeous! Your daughter is lovely too!

  8. The pillow covers are beautiful. I love the fabric.


  9. How pretty Pam! Love the color. Your daughter is such a pretty gal. Happy Birthday to her.

  10. Your pillows are wonderful! What a lucky daughter she is!
    You are so brave to have let her go so far away! I'm sure you do miss her a lot, my heart strings would be shredding!

  11. Hi Pam, your pillows are so pretty. I love that rocks! Yes, indeed your baby girl is all grown up and looking beautiful.

  12. Love the way the pillows turned out. I think they are even more chic than the fur would have been. I am your newest follower!

  13. Wow, these are fabulous. The turquoise is going to look amazing next the the black and white damask pillow. What a lucky girl!

  14. These really caught my eye. What a great gift.

  15. Your daughter is beautiful ... and so are those amazing pillow covers! At first I thought you were going to tell us that you made those amazing rosettes all by yourself! Now that would be an amazing feat ...



  16. I really prefer these turquoise pillows over the faux fur ^.^ So elegant and pretty!


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