Monday, June 25, 2012

Wooden Crates For The Breakfast Room

Hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend! 
Has it been hot where you are? The weather has been really HOT here in the Charlotte area. It feels like the end of July! It's been so hot my newly planted flowers have to be watered morning and evening. So far they're doing well.

You've probably seen these wooden herb crates before around blogland,
I couldn't resist buying them and thought they'd look great in our Breakfast Room.

The little wall to the left  of our pantry was the perfect spot to hang them.

Faux flowers in the top box, gorgeous hydrangeas from our neighbor's garden in the middle and the third box holds napkins.

They certainly add a little color to the room and go well with our cherry kitchen cabinets. 

Parsley, sage, rosemary and...


The largest box holds magazines and sits on the floor in front of the windows.

Today the painters are going to be prepping our Family Room, Foyer and two hallways and getting ready them ready to paint. I'm so excited to finally get this done. 
Painting, of course, will create a domino effect of projects, as one thing always leads to another. 

Does this happen at your house, or is it just me?

Can't wait to show you our Family Room and Foyer when it's all finished.



  1. The spice boxes look perfect on the wall next to the pantry. Your breakfast area is such a lovely space, and this just adds some pretty color and interest. Can't wait to see the new paint. Yes it does create a domino effect, but that is the fun part. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love your wood crates. They really brighten up your room.

  3. Love those crates! They look lovely hanging. Just curious, did they come with the hooks or did you add them? I'm always wondering how to add hooks like that to mine.


  4. they look Great~!

    I have 2 sets in my storage room and need to do something with them- soon:-)

    1. Hi there I seen you said you had two sets of these Wooden Herb boxes I was just wondering what you ever ended up doing with yours? And how you displayed them? I’ve been searching the heavens and earth for a set for about half a year now and still no luck!! I would love to get my hands on some

  5. Yep... those are perfect there! I can't wait to see what you are up to!

  6. I think putting napkins in them is genius. They provide texture to your space. Cooking brown rice in the rice cooker takes one hour and forty minutes but then it goes to warm so I leave the house. It turns out perfect where my brown rice on the stove was always sticky and yucky.

  7. I have those same crates-I love them! Yours look great how you have them filled :)

  8. Love the spice boxes! The hydrangeas look beautiful. I have some in my yard that I have just begun to cut and bring in the house. I love the color that they give!

  9. Those are awesome Pam! I really can't wait to see your reveal of the current paint job going on too.

  10. I love those crates, and they look great on your wall. Can't wait to see what the painters do, and what you decide to do as a result...

  11. Hi Pam-
    I do like them there a lot! You decorated them so nicely too! Can't wait to see your new paint job!

  12. These are sooooo adorable! I love them, they add a nice dimension and pop of color to your room. And heck yes, I know all about the domino effect all too well! LOL.

  13. I really love those boxes! Such a beautiful room!

  14. I love those crates though I don't have any. I really like how you have them displayed. I never knew there was a large fourth one too. I cannot wait to see what color you have chosen to redo your family room in. That's exciting!

  15. I love how fresh and light your room looks, and the boxes add a nice antique look that warms it just a tad. Perfect.

  16. I have seen those boxes and contemplate ordering them!!...They look great on your wall!!


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