Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Next Project: Barn Door Shutters

 I've been pining for barn doors for some time now. 
Mr. Fanatic has Pinterest to thank for that, as I've been perusing and pinning all sorts of barn doors for months. 
At first I wasn't sure where we were going to put them, I just wanted to make some and was determined to put them somewhere in our house.
Then it hit me...
What about making barn doors into shutters to cover the glass patio doors in our basement Family Room?
 The barn doors would be perfect to provide privacy, to make the room dark when watching a movie and to add a layer of security to our basement.

There are so many awesome barn doors on Pinterest and we plan do do a simple Z design with either 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 lumber stained dark with some inexpensive galvanized hardware like the one in this photo. Mr. Fanatic thinks we should use 2 x 8's(less work and cost) and I think 2 x 6's would look better (scale wise).
C Designs
Here's a simple drawing of what we intend to do. I would also like to make a little shutter for the window to the right of the fireplace.(When I say "I", it means Mr.
Since the door will be stained dark, it presents another problem.
 (You know, one thing always leads to another)

 I think the room will be too dark and will look better and brighter in a much lighter color...A light grey perhaps? 

Mr. Fanatic took a week off and is finishing up another project. 
Today he told me of his plans to start the doors this week. I think it's a little optimistic of him to think he will.
He's currently working on a drop ceiling for a storage room in our basement and it will take him at least a whole day  to finish it. After that, he plans on making some simple shelving for the storage room.
Also, yesterday he  bought one of those solar tube skylights for the upstairs bathroom. Oh, did I mention this tube has to be done on Thursday because we're getting our roof redone?
The upstairs bath is going to look great with more natural light. 
Can't wait.
So many little time.

What's on your project list? Would love to know.



  1. You are one lucky lady! The barn doors are going to be fabulous!! I've wanted to try one of those solar tubes in my girls' bathroom because it has no natural light. I hope you post all of your progress with the projects!!!

  2. You guys are busy!! LOVE the idea of the barn door Pam, that's going to look fabulous!!

  3. Oh Pam...I would love to have barn doors! I like your plan.

    You will love the solar tube. We have three in the studio. Amazing natural light!

  4. Oh wow, you two really are getting a lot done. I love the idea of the barn doors and the shutter. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  5. That will be AWESOME Pam. That pinterest is trouble I tell ya! In a good way.

  6. You TWO are something serious. We two just trimmed shrubbery(we have way too much) and since I just had surgery I did very little. We have so much going on and I am on the sidelines:{ I have been doing small paint projects. xo, olive

  7. What a great guy you have, Pam. Not only does he do a lot of work around your home himself, he supports your ideas! I love it and I love the idea of the barn doors. I can't really tell what sort of color scheme you have going on down there, but a lighter shade would help keeping things light. I can't wait to see what you do!


  8. Ooh I like the idea of the barn doors! I'm in love with that kind of look! I have to show you a link to this lady's farm home in New Hampshire. She put up a barn door for a bathroom. She's really into antiques and actually had the doors from their barn renovation. It's fairly rustic but I thought you might like seeing it.
    There are two posts 1)
    and 2)

  9. Beautiful. Barn doors big out here in CT!

    Cynthia - Macaroni Kid Fairfield, CT

  10. The barn door will be a fabulous project Pam! I would love to do something similar to the entry way in to our office.

  11. It's going to be great! I have a list of things that need to be done, starting with shelving for my closet!

  12. Found you through pinterest ... just thought I would comment on the wood dimensions. We did 2x8 boards for our dining table top, and they are heavy, and more expensive than 2x6s in our area at least. In the end, we chose them because we needed a particular width total. I would go with 2x6's, unless the total width is better with 2x8s. Something else I have seen on other barn doors is alternating board widths. 2x10, 2x4, 2x6, 2x4, etc. I have also seen the different planks stained/painted different colors if you are feeling bold. Good luck!!

  13. Hey, I think using a door for shutter is very imaginative. However, the concern for lighting will really rise up here. What have you decided upon this issue? I think it would help if you’d have another treatment in between the glass and barn doors. A bamboo blinds, perhaps. In this option, you can decide whether you want partial or full blockage of light entry without giving up your dream of a barn door. ;)

  14. Hey Norbert, currently there are 2" blinds on the doors and the barn doors will slide over them easily. We are thinking that we will take the blinds down though, because no direct light comes in the window since there is a deck above the outside patio and we don't have any houses behind us. If we want privacy, we can always just slide the barn doors shut.

  15. I am always looking for DIY barn door type of projects that my readers will enjoy. You have done such a great job with this article , I would like to link to it in an upcoming post I have planned. Thanks.


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