Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Hope you spent some time with your family this weekend.
We went to a party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it was good getting together with friends.
Mr. Fanatic also started the baking on Sunday.  So far we've made some Buckeyes, Pumpkin Bread and Gingersnaps. 
Let the sugar rush begin!
My list is finally getting a little shorter. The halls are decked, most of the presents are purchased and the baking has begun.
Our house is getting cleaned today(daughter Fanatic needed some extra cash) and the Guest Rooms will be made ready for our oldest daughter and her boyfriend who are flying in on Wednesday! Yay!
Without further adieu...our main Christmas tree...
There is exactly ONE wrapped present underneath the tree.

Here she is in all her glory...wrapped in burlap and dressed in silver, gold and green. The "tree skirt" is just bunched up landscape burlap.

We're counting our blessings here at Casa Fanatic; hope you are too.


  1. Your tree and this post are absolutely beautiful, Pam!

  2. Your tree is so pretty, I love the colors you are using and the burlap garland is lovely. I am almost ready too and some of my baking is done as well. Now to finish and just enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  3. Merry Christmas Pam! Your tree looks gorgeous.

  4. Lovely tree, I like the ornaments and that present is just beautiful.


  5. Love the burlap on the tree and tree skirt!! I feel the same way, the list is getting crossed off and I'm getting ready to do the more fun things like baking!!

  6. Your tree is so pretty, so simple, just gorgeous. Love how you wrapped that one gift. Your tree is an inspiration for me for next year.
    We just weren't up to having a tree this year but I did a fair amount of decorating in other ways to make up for it. It's just the two of us, we spend the day eating and being cozy together so didn't feel like the hassle of a tree this year.
    I sure have enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous trees out in blog land tho, so many gorgeous ones and all the decorating of mantels. Wow.
    I'm a new subscriber and look forward to seeing what you do next.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


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