Thursday, December 20, 2012

Countdown To Christmas

I hope you aren't too busy to enjoy this last week before Christmas...
Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend flew in yesterday and arrived safely. It's so good to have her home. Our girls were talking and catching up last night and it seemed like old times, except without the bickering : )
It feels pretty good to have the house decorated, clean, all but a few gifts purchased, gifts that needed to be shipped have been taken to the Post Office and some of the baking done.
Thought I'd share our black painted sofa table with you all decorated for Christmas.
Bare  branches collected from our yard hold silver and green ornaments.

The footed silver tray was an ebay find. Our youngest daughter decorated the Mason Jar.
I added a scripture card to the table.

Need to get out today to pick up a few miscellaneous things and to wrap a few more gifts. Mr. Fanatic is home for the week and he'll be taking care of the Christmas dinner planning.
How are you doing on your Christmas preps?


  1. I LOVE the table!!! Your comment about no bickering made me smile!! Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!

  2. So pretty!!! It's great that your daughter and her boyfriend are with you guys! I am pretty much ready besides the cooking, baking and cleaning (oh and I'm waiting for my cards to arrive so I can get them out)

  3. The table looks amazing! What a cute idea, hanging ornaments off of branches. So simple, but I never would have thought of it. Merry Christmas!

  4. YOur vignette looks so pretty, I love the branches, great idea. Wonderful your family is there safely, that is always a blessing. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  5. Pam, what a beautiful vignette, and your photographs are gorgeous too:-) I just cannot get mine to look like I want. I know you are happy to have everyone together too. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Love the black sofa table! The tray of green/cream ornaments would look so pretty in MY house! ;o) Seriously, everything looks great. Have a fun Christmas!

  7. Such a pretty vignette the pitcher with the branches...Have a very Merry Christmas with your family Pam!!


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