Friday, March 1, 2013

Antique/Vintage Shopping

Are you glad it's Friday? 

 and March 1st?

I sure am. 
We are just a few weeks away from Spring's arrival and I couldn't be happier.
Spring is my favorite season of the year. 
My apologies to all of you who have allergies. 

If you've noticed lately, there haven't been many diy projects being done around casa Fanatic lately.
Seems Mr. Fanatic has been working hard and been out of town  a lot lately. Of course, that doesn't excuse me from doing painting or sewing projects, but we won't discuss that. 


A week  ago I drove up to stay with Mr. Fanatic up in Raleigh.
While he was working, I went shopping. About 5 minutes after arriving at the hotel I desperately needed a diet Coke and hadn't brought any with me.
All the hotel had was diet Pepsi.

Sorry dietPepsi fans, but it's not the same.

So, I got in my car and drove to find some diet Coke and the car somehow found it's way to the nearest HomeGoods.
(stop laughing, they sell diet Coke in bottles)

but that's not what I wanted to share with you

The next day I went to SuzAnna's. 
Many of you know Kristen from Sophia's. She has a booth at SuzAnna's. 
She makes these wonderful "typewriter" bracelets.

and rings...

There are many different booths at SuzAnna's. I thought this blue display was lovely. 

I love old books and couldn't resist buying the one on the far right in the bottom corner of the pic.

Here's Kristen's booth.

Hmmm...what could I do with one of these?

There are several other antique/junk shops all located in a little alley. It was fun looking at everything.

Hope you have a terrific weekend.



  1. Hi Pam: Thanks for this great info. and lead!! No, I've never been here but will put it on my list. I have an entire print out of vintage & antique stores in Raleigh/Durham that I was given at the Bloggers Conference last fall (but wasn't able to go with them). So I def. need to explore.
    And next time you come to Raleigh, give me a call! Or, better yet, stop in Fearrington on the way.. we can have lunch, or tea, see the Belties, and do local shopping here. Hey, that would be fun!

  2. That looks like a charming little place. Love those typewriter rings and bracelets. Never been to NC but there sure seems to be a lot of cute antique!

    Have a great weekend Pam!

  3. The bracelets and rings are cool. Have a terrific weekend Pam.

  4. Oh how fun, so many things to see. Great shopping, thanks for taking us along. Hugs, marty

  5. Looks like a great day of shopping!


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