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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Make A Twig Wreath or When Life Gives You Lemons...

Y'all know I LOVE trees...(if you don't, just click on the pic of my garden on my sidebar)...
but, after any kind of storm, there's always a large number of branches that end up on the ground.
That's ok in our backyard
In the woods
But, not ok in the front yard.
on the grass and sidewalk.
We have a fairly large Birch tree in our front yard that I'm about ready to take a chain saw to because I have to pick up piles of branches after every wind and rain storm we have. 
What does that have to do with how to make a twig wreath?
That's what I made with the pile of blown off twigs.
Kind of like the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".

Or in my case, a windstorm gave me twigs, so I made a twig wreath.
Here's the pile of twigs I've been collecting over the last several weeks from the Birch tree in the front yard. 


I had one wire wreath form in my box of goodies in my craft room and thought the branches were enough to make two wreaths, so I made an additional wreath form out of some wire and floral tape I also had. It might have been faster and easier to just get in my car and pick up a couple of new wreath forms, but I wanted this to be a no cost project. 

After making the wreath form, I cut the branches down and made  about  10 bundles of them. These turned out to be too tall and I cut about 6 more inches off the bundles before I attached them to the form. 

I used some thin wire to attach the bundles to the wreath form. 

Then, to cover the wire, I hot glued some additional twigs over the wire.

I repeated this step until the entire wreath form was covered. This project took me a long time to finish. I thought it would take me an hour and a half to make two of them. 
Turns out I only had enough Birch branches for one wreath and it seems like it took me all day. Of course, I did a few other things during the day.
I now need to collect more Birch branches to make another wreath. 
Lucky for me it was very windy yesterday (said sarcastically)

I love the way the wreath looks in it's natural state, but I had planned on spray painting them white ( lightly) so they would show up on the dark stained Barn Doors. 

But, the wreath looks so pretty the way it is, I could just hand it above the mantel against a light background.

So what do you think...
natural or
lightly spray painted white?



  1. It's beautiful, Pam! I would leave it natural and put it above the fireplace. You can always spray paint it further down the road.


  2. I think it would look great above your mantel Pam!

  3. It looks fantastic...so clever :)

    I'd leave it natural for now...then when you change your mind you can paint it ;)

  4. Roberta

    Hummm...lightly spray painted white with a little contrasting dark color might look great above your mantle.

  5. Great job! I'm 50/50 ln painting it. The white would pop and pick up on the white pitcher but natural is always good for the long haul.... decisions decisions!!

  6. I would leave it natural. i am going to start collecting twigs as soon as I get over my cold and can get outside. this is a great idea and I have a perfect spot for it.
    thanks for the inspiration

  7. I'm voting for above the mantel!

  8. Beautiful, Pam! And, whatever you decide, it will look fabulous!

  9. I could do this i have two birch trees in my yard! Love it.

  10. Hi Pam, I have two birch trees in my yard. I'm like you about the sticks. This is a nice idea, my question is how long to make the bundles?

    1. I collected the stick over 2 weeks time and I only have 1 tree!

  11. Make the two you planned on and leave one natural, paint the other!

  12. I loveeeee it!!!! I would leave it natural and place it on the mantel. I also absolutely loveeeeeeee your barn doors. What frame did you use to attach them on? Are they mobile? Stunning.

  13. make a third after the next storm...but a little bigger and leave that one natural and over the fireplace.

  14. Thanks for naming the tree twigs used and the step by step tutorial. Best set of instructions out there, useful pictures and not overly long or wordy!

  15. Love it . You solved a problem for me as I didn't know what kind of twigs to collect for this wreath. Thank you, Nancy Zabriskie


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