Friday, March 22, 2013

Open, Open, Open...

All you young whippersnappers won't remember this, but there was a commercial on TV a loooong time ago where a woman  standing outside a store the night before a big sale has her hands on the store window peering in and is saying
 "open, open, open". 

That's exactly how I feel about Spring.

Especially this Spring.

Baby, it's cold outside.
The air outside is brisk and breezy.
Not complaining after the HOT summer we had last year, but...
Nothin' is blooming and it's already March 21st

and we live in the South.

I'm just waiting for those budded out leaves to 
"open, open, open"

Ok, truth be told, our Bradford Pear has already bloomed and is starting to turn green,

But our woods look still show no signs of life
and I REALLY want to step outside my basement door and see this:

And sit for a spell on our patio in the woods
without a jacket on.

And take a walk through the woods and look up at all the glorious LEAFED OUT trees.

Oh, there is sooooo much work to do to get the yard to look like this...
Our backyard is looking pretty rough right now

& dead.

Guess what we're working on this weekend?
and the next month 
or so?

Is it Spring where you are yet?



  1. Pam your yard is absolutely beautiful! I'm with you...where is spring!?! I can't wait to get outside and work in the gardens freshening them up!

  2. If my backyard looked like yours I really would be standing in the yard yelling "Bloom already!" I always love it when you share your beautiful yard. Everything in the midwest looks dead right now-but I did see a couple flowers popping through the earth in my backyard last week, that's promising. (Stop by sometime Pam, I'm blogging again.)

  3. The bradford pears just opened around here last week. Now the red bud trees are blooming everywhere, but very cold and rainy this weekend after being 80 last weekend.

  4. Everything is blooming in our yard but the weather can't decide if it wants to be warm or cold. We keep going back & forth. I have some planting I want to do but I've held off for fear of another freeze.

  5. Well first of all, how awesome that you have 'woods', and even cooler that you have a patio in the woods. Absolutely beautiful Pam! I can see why you're chanting open open open (I remember it!).

    Hope they all open for you soon for a lovely spring and hope you'll post pictures when they do for us foliage deprived city dwellers.

    Have a great weekend Pam! xo

  6. I remember those commercials! Was it Mervyns? Anyway, I just did a post about my backyard garden too. Some things are blooming, but I can't wait for everything to leaf out and really bloom. Love your blog, by the way!

  7. It is still so cold up here in New York, I can't wait to see just a little glimpse of spring!

    Wow! Your yard is absolutely gorgeous, my face would be plastered to the window waiting for spring to arrive if my yard looked like that too!

    Have a great weekend:)

  8. Oh I so love your home and your gorgeous yard. I would sit there in the snow. Hugs, Marty

  9. ARGHHHHHHH! I am so with you! I'm sick of cold, winter, rain, snow, wind, clouds, pure dreariness! Thank you for letting me vent! Your GREEN pictures sure helped me! Absolutely beautiful and so inviting!
    I think if we hang on a little's coming! Warmth, sun, green..........SPRING! ;0)

  10. Girl, trust me when I say that I feel your pain!!! I am really OVER this Minnesota winter crap and longing for my Charleston beach!!! It was 37 today and felt like a heat wave. How wrong is that??? :-)

  11. We will get there soon Pam, and I can't wait!

  12. I can see that commercial so clearly! She would wave her hands open! I still find myself saying it sometimes! Your yard is gorgeous!! Thank you for stopping by today! ~~Angela


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