Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pottery Barn Inspiration

One of my favorite places to go for home decor inspiration is Pottery Barn. 
Their vignettes and windows are always so well put together. 

I love their casual and comfortable style.
I do not, however, love their prices. 

I've been looking for some wing back chairs on Craigslist for awhile now and was happy to see this timeless classic in an ever so popular grain sack fabric.
I didn't even bother looking at the price on this chair because I know I can get a good wing chair on Craigslist for about $100 and make a slipcover for it for about $50, depending on the price of the fabric . 
Wing Chair

I am always inspired by the bedding at Pottery Barn  as they are always so darn fluffy. A little bird told me that they get this look by stuffing 2 down comforters in a single duvet. 


I admired the upholstered headboard because making one has been on my project list for, like, FOREVER.

I looked at the price on this one and gasped.

This giant yardstick would make a great diy project, that would be pretty easy to make. I might have to put that on the list because it would look great in my craft room.

Loved these lanterns

This little vignette is inspiration for a big project coming up. It has to do with what we've been saving our money for. Can't really share it know how things sometimes fall though.

The tables at Pottery Barn are always so awesome.

Got a kick out of this you see them?

The chargers are pigs.

Of course, there were also little piggy salt and pepper shakers. I should have purchased those, but ya know I'm saving my pennies for something big.

These little owls are salt and pepper shakers too. There were several other types of shakers, as well.
 I also saw the table we used for inspiration to make our picnic table.  Click the link if you missed it.
 I liked mine better and it didn't cost us $1,000

So what store or stores do you go to that inspire you and your decorating???

Hope you're doing something fun this weekend. 



  1. I can never resist a PB either! They have the best vignettes and set ups! Love it!

  2. Their store is so far away from me that I rarely get there, but it is really fabulous. Loved the pig chargers, how fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. Such great inspiration. I am big PB fan and they always do have great displays.



  4. The store is very cool & hip and some of their pieces are like really very nice. But yeah when it comes to the price tags, it is a cause of heart-attack :p
    PS I love the owl pieces you have put in the post.

    Love & hugs
    Jessica x

  5. I'm with you, Pam ... love everything about that store, EXCEPT the prices! Knowing your talented self, you will recreate their pieces beautifully!


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