Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Paint For An Extra Bedroom

Our oldest daughter moved to Southern California two years ago this past May and since then, her room has pretty much remained the way it was when she left. 
You can read about that day HERE, but I'm warning you that you may need a tissue.  

This weekend, we had some time and I was brave enough for a change and decided to get it painted a more neutral color...Mr. F even admitted to getting a little sentimental when he went up to patch a few holes in the wall.

Our oldest daughter's room had been painted Valspar Lucent Purple about a year before she moved. 
This is how it was painted when she lived here...You can see more of the details HERE.
lucent purple, bedroom makeover

Here are  some of the holes that had to be filled before we started painting.

And a few more holes that made Mr. Fanatic wax nostalgic...

We didn't spend any money on paint for this project.
 We had 1 gallon of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter leftover from when we painted the Kitchen and Breakfast Room a couple of years ago. Ben Moore paint is pretty amazing and covered the previously goldish paint in those rooms with one coat, which is why we had a gallon left over. 

We weren't sure if the Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter would cover the purple in just one coat, however, and didn't want to chance having to purchase another gallon of paint, so we mixed 3 quarts of samples from Sherwin Williams we had from when I was trying to choose the kitchen paint color. 

Here's how the first coat looked:

Here's how the bedroom looks now after a top coat of Revere Pewter:
Revere Pewter

Not bad for a no cost project! Now I just have to add a little color besides the purple pom poms from Jess' graduation party a few years ago.
Revere Pewter

Maybe one of these days, I'll find a new home or a new purpose for the armoire that was once Organized. I wish there had been some way to move this out to SoCal with her without having to spend $500 to get it there. She could sure use it now the way it was configured to hold all her makeup and hair supplies.
Revere Pewter

The bookcase still has a few of her awards in it...Maybe I'll box them up one of  these days too...
The planters and mini tissue pom poms are from both daughter's graduation parties. 

sniff sniff.

My, how time flies... 


You can see a little update of this bedroom by clicking HERE.


  1. Even though it has been many many many more years than two since our babies flew the nest, I still feel your pain.

    The new color is beautiful! And I love that you left the purple poms!

  2. Gosh I remember when you first did this room for your daughter. Looks awesome all freshened up again. Love the bedding!

  3. CC's room is almost that same lavender/purple shade. Now she wants it painted and she is in another country. I like your more neutral color better.

  4. Pam it looks beautiful. As always you do such a nice job and your home is so lovely.

    (totally understand the sentiments...so hard when our kids move out)

  5. cool lavender color! I like the neutral color more, lighter shades make almost any room appear bigger. :)
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. I remember when you did that bedroom makeover Pam... it looks great in it's new color!

  7. This is just lovely.

    I understand how you feel. I have a hard time changing anything in my son's room though. I just can't bare to change it. Maybe I'll get brave like you one day.

  8. The room looks good Pam. That's a nice color. I remember when you organized her armoire. You have good ideas. I remember when so moved out west too. I hoe she's doing well out there. It's hard to b separated by so many miles- I know since my son s 800 miles away.

  9. Today is my daughter's 29th Birthday! and oh how time flies!! In a way it seems like yesterday....but in many other ways it was a lifetime ago. Our babies are so precious to us. I had left my daughter's room pretty much untouched in our house up north as I knew we would be moving in a few years. So now, we all have a fresh start! and she loves it down here(the pool certainly helps!) when she comes to visit.
    The room looks just wonderful Pam!

  10. Love the new color! I am interested in that color....I will have to get a sample....


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