Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ready For Fall

 I wish Fall weather would hurry up and get here because it's still HOT where I live.

It's still summertime HOT

Tomorrow it's going to be 90 degrees with a lot of humidity thrown in.
Can't say that Fall is my favorite season, but for the first month or so the weather is perfect. 

Usually around the first week of September, the nights start to get cooler and in mornings  you might need a light sweater and the humidity mid day is non-existent.

Nope, hasn't happened yet.  I've planted my cool weather veggies twice now and they've either wilted and died or been eaten by bugs that go away when the nights get cooler. 

Here are the two reasons why I haven't cared for Fall in the past:
1. All the falling leaves everywhere look messy.
  Mr. Fanatic can spend 2 hours blowing leaves and 20 minutes later, leaves are everywhere.

2. Winter follows Fall and I don't like cold weather.
Notice, I said in the past...something might have changed my mind...
I'll give a hint towards the end of the post

Today, in hope of ushering in cooler weather, I changed up the vignette on the dresser in the Foyer.
I was cutting back some overgrown Lantana and just couldn't throw them away. They are so colorful and cheerful.

I can't remember where these vintage books came from, but I love the darker green cover for Fall. The vintage camera and case belonged to Mr. Fanatic's dad.

I still need a good quote for the chalkboard. 
Any suggestions?
Fall, Fall vignette

So, I can't tell you the reason why I'm looking forward to Fall this year


I'm hoping I can let you in on it after the 18th...ya know you just don't want to jinx these things;
anything can happen.
and that would be disappointing.

But, a hint is that it will help me look forward to Fall and maybe even Winter....
and you will be seeing a lot more of me because of it.

That's all I can share right now, but I would love to know if you LOVE Fall or have another favorite season that you enjoy.
Would also like to know WHY you love your favorite season...



  1. Sounds exiting, so wating for your news :)
    I'm totally a summer girl. Fall is slowly but certainly comming to Finland, and I.hate.it. It gets really Dark (by 8.pm you won't see anything outside without the streetlights), it's Cold (+10 celsius or less, and by night it can get closer to 0 celsius) and it's raining all the time! My plants are withering in the garden, and all the trees are dropping their leaves.
    Winter is worse: Pitch black comes at 3pm, snow reaches to waist and temperature is about -20 celsius.. But summer is Really warm and Beautiful. I adore Finnish Summer <3
    Does it show that I'm totally hating this season? :)


  2. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I love the bright orange flowers in front of the black chalkboard. Stunning!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Come by and visit sometime.
    Have a beautiful week,

  3. What a pretty vignettte, Pam! I love Fall, just because we get a break from these 90-100 degree days; and it's not freezing cold. I also love the colors and the pumpkin scents.

  4. Your fall vignette is so pretty. I like all the different textures you use.
    Mary Alice

  5. Looks great! Love the lantana.
    How about "Fall ya'll"

  6. wow, your colors are so vivid. great photography.

  7. Love your vignette, Pam! Your chalkboard is really stunning!!!! I didn't plant Lantana and I miss it!!! YOurs looks vibrant in that white ironstone pitcher!
    We had a taste of all here and then the heat and humidity came back. Thankfully, it won't stay around here for very long!

  8. Hello woman!!! I wanted to pop by! I have missed reading all my blogs! You know how life is!! I love your vignette and the beautiful blossoms popped against that white vase is gorgeous! Here is a lovely quote for fall from Dear Lillie!

  9. Hoping that your "secret" works out like you hope and can't wait to hear what it is. I LOVE mysteries! LoL

    I was thinking of this yesterday of which season is my favorite. I adore both Fall and Spring. Fall's weather and colors are amazing. Along with the pumpkins, family activities all over and a day of thanks.

    But Spring brings fresh life and color after a dead winter that sings to my soul and always awakes in me my thankfulness for Jesus who died for me. :)

  10. Can't wait to hear the secret. I am a huge fall person and I do like the winter except for the snow. I adore these times because of the smells, the baking and cooking. It is also a time spent with family and friends. Everyone seems to get together more during these months. Football is another reason. Fires, candles and snuggling.


  11. I have about ten or twelve overgrown lantanas. I like fall way better than summer. I find raking leaves soothing. Blowing leaves not so much. You are very like my two neighbors who pick up pine cones. I leave mine. I am not that neat a gardener-more random. But your house and gardens are show stoppers.

  12. Your vignette is lovely, as always. Fall is great because we get football back in our lives...woohoo! But the cooler weather only leads to cold weather which is a big bummer in my opinion.

    Guessing your news will be a magazine shoot, which should definitely happen!

  13. I love Fall...I love the beautiful colors and crisp mornings and evenings...I know what you mean about Fall being the prelude to Winter...I must say that Spring is also a favorite...the blooming flowers, the warmer temps after Winter..but then again the downside is the awful pollen!!...I am enjoying the seasons, as having lived most of my life in Florida...it seems like it is always summer! Looking forward to what you will be up to!!!

  14. Having spent most of my life up in New England, and NOT liking the cold, you can imagine how I felt about Fall and Winter! I've never liked either one... I don't like winter clothes, wool, boots, layers, Halloween etc etc.!! What I DO love is going barefoot, flip flops, hot weather (yes, even the humidity is fine with me!), gardening etc. Down here in N.C. the spring is magnificent, as you well know. And the summers are fine with me!
    P.S. Just planted 4 more Lantana: love it!

  15. I enjoy fall and spring the best,as fall is kind of sad as everything starts to die off and go to sleep and all the beautiful colours become drab. However it is a relief from the very hot summer, I love pulling out my sweaters and hoodies to take a walk and take in the beautiful ambers,golds and reds. Spring is a great change from winter as it breaths in new life.

  16. For your chalkboard...
    "I watched the leaves fall
    All of the way to the ground
    And I knew that that was what love was
    To die so that it could be found" Song lyrics by Ben Rector, song is called Autumn.


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