Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Mantel

          Happy Fall y'all!     
Just had to say that since it rhymes and all.
I've lived in the South now for 13 years and have learned to appreciate a few of their good words.

So, the Summers in the South...hmmmmm,
not a fan.
humidity just saps my energy.
Hence the need for a little cottage in the mountains, where the weather is just a tad cooler.

Fall in the South, however, is a glorious thing.
Cool nights, warm days...
Leaves change colors and create a gorgeous landscape.
Especially in the North Carolina mountains.
(another reason for a little cottage in the mountains)

Having lived in Southern California for 40 years, where there is no Fall at all,
 I just never appreciated the season. 
I also did not decorate for Fall and therefore,  have hardly any Fall decorations.
(I know I've lived in North Carolina for 13 years, but I'm a slow learner)

Makes it difficult to decorate for Fall now that I appreciate the season more.
My mission was to decorate my mantel without buying
(ya know, because I'm saving all my pennies for the reno of the little cottage)

I gathered some things from my ONE box of Fall decorations and some pretty things from around the house and this is what I came up with:

The green moss I collected in the woods behind our home and put in the bronze urns has turned a beautiful deep golden brown and is perfect for Fall. (Here's how I made them.)
I almost threw the moss covered styrofoam away and was going to start over with some fresh green moss. 
So glad I didn't.

 I made the Fall banner out of some leftover burlap and some ribbon I had in my craft room. 

Now that the mantel is finished, I'm off to decorate the Breakfast Room.
Maybe I should take a walk in the woods for more free things to decorate with.

How are you doing on your Fall decorating?

Savvy Southern Style


  1. Your mantle is beautiful, love the wheat, I should bring mine out of storage...I have an ongoing love of white fireplace surrounds and yours is so the urns on the sides too...Phyllis

  2. I love it. I love sheafs of wheat and the brown ribbon looks great on it. I like the green in the candles and how it pulls from the green mirrored piece on the mantle. The moss looks great- love the idea! I just finished my mantle.

  3. And it looks beautiful, Pam! Great job!

  4. You know that I am totally into brown and this is absolutley stunning. Hugs, marty

  5. It's perfect in it's simplicity!! I love it!! I've scaled back a little on my fall decorations this year (I have a lot!)...but I'm still decorating and getting into my favorite season!

  6. Looks so pretty Pam. You are so right, Fall in the South is simply gorgeous!

  7. The mantle looks so pretty, love the wheat!!!


  8. So beautiful Pam...I so love the color of the mirror...goes so well with the Fall decor!...looking forward to the breakfast room decor!

  9. Pretty mantel, Pam. Have fun fixing up your new little cottage.

  10. It's beautiful, Pam! I love the way you styled it and the way you get to go shopping in your own back yard! Lucky you!

  11. I have done zero fall decorating. I haven't even hung my wreaths. It's been sooo hot! Finally, a cool front came through yesterday & the high today is "only" 77. HA! Your mantel looks great.

  12. beautiful Pam! I love the wheat and the darling banner!


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