Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall At The Mountain Cottage

This past weekend the trees at the Mountain Cottage donned their Fall colors. The brilliant golds were everywhere and looked gorgeous next to tall evergreen pines.

The air was brisk and the view off the porch was so pretty. 
I wish we had more time to have a fire in our makeshift firepit.

The burning bush' along the driveway were so pretty behind the brilliant gold leaves of this maple.

The poplars and dogwood trees have already lost nearly all of their leaves.

Our view changes as the day goes on. We never tire of it.
This weekend went by so quickly. Mr. Fanatic worked late into Saturday night to finish the rough framing for the new half bath upstairs. He still has to frame in the back wall for a medicine cabinet, but that can't be done until I buy a mirror to go over it. 
Every inch counts in that room and framing depends on some of the finished items. My job this week is to go to HomeGoods and find a mirror, choose a light for over the sink, and choose an overhead light/fan.
I was also able to spend a little time outdoors. The air was brisk and the sun was shining, so it was perfect weather to move 3 small Leyland Cypress trees that were planted along the driveway. I probably have to move at least 20 more because if left there, they will grow wide and into the already narrow driveway.
That was our weekend at the Cottage. 
Hope your week is off to a good start. 



  1. Beautiful Pam. So peaceful. The Burning Bush is huge…don't think I've seen one that big!
    It's going to be quite a treat to see this through all the seasons. Are you going to spend Christmas up there (with daughter)?

  2. How amazing!! Our fall foliage was in full splendor this weekend too. It's nice to have a productive weekend and spend it in the mountains too! We got a lot done around the house and made a cozy fire because it finally got cold enough for one!

  3. Beautiful pictures! We too got to spend some time at our home away from home in AR. The trees are changing, but not a lot of color yet! Maybe next trip....Melinda

  4. I definitely think last weekend was peek here too Pam! Funny, your makeshift firepit is nicer than ours! Ours is more like teepee rings with just big rocks in a circle, lol.

  5. What a GORGEOUS spot! I could live there easily. Thanks for shaing these beautiful shots.

  6. I enjoy seeing your posts about the cottage. The trees are beautiful. We're at the very late stages of fall here and the colors are now mostly a rust/orange color. I hope al your transplants take well!

  7. What beauty you have surrounding you, the colors are magnificent. Good luck with your searching for what need!


  8. Pam your photos are amazing! I don't see these things much in LA (ha!) so I really love seeing all the colors!

    P.S. I'm also loving your instagram feed with so many beautiful shots!


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