Thursday, October 31, 2013

Are You Ready? Here Comes Christmas

I know, I know,
It's only Halloween, why am I talking about Christmas?
Seems like Christmas decorations start coming out earlier and earlier every year. 
I went to a store called  BlackLion in Charlotte a couple of days ago to get something I needed for an upcoming project. (more on that later).
It's one of those fun places that has aisles and aisles of individual little shops inside.
It's always interesting to see what's popular.

There were owls EVERYWHERE.

There were a few autumnal displays.
with owls

and quite a few owls in Christmas displays.
Yep, Christmas.
Guess I shouldn't be surprised to see so many Christmas decorations.
After all, there are only 54 days left until the happy celebration. 
I always take so long to get in the Christmas spirit and to decorate for the holidays. 
Maybe I should go back to BlackLion a few more times to get me in the mood because, ready or not, here comes Christmas.

There were silver and gold Christmas displays...

and this incredible all white and silver shop just dripping in icy decorations.

I was amazed and enjoyed all the baubles.

The chandelier was dazzling.

I loved the little pops of red in this mostly silver with a hint of gold display.

Green and gold is classic...

...and of course there were a few red and green trees...

There was even a tree with pink accents.

The wicker chairs looked a little too summery next to the Christmas trees...
even though it's still in the 70's this week.

There was a large backroom that resembled a pickers barn.

Vintage luggage was stacked high. I wonder what wonderful places they've been to in days past.

LOVED this mirror in an old vintage door.

I finally found the little shop that was my reason for driving to the BlackLion.

Those of you who have painted with it, probably recognized it right away. 
I finally purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and some clear Soft Wax. 

I will hopefully be doing a project at home very soon. 
What? not at the cottage, you say?

Not this time.

Spending so much time at the Cottage hasn't allowed me to check anything off my home projects list in awhile. 

I've wanted to do this particular project for 13 years, but it's difficult to paint over brand new cherry wood.
It's not so new anymore, so I'm going to be brave.
Can you guess which room I'm starting in?

(Hint: I'm not brave enough to start in the kitchen)



  1. What a beautiful shop!! Owls are so big this year and they had some cute ones!

  2. Oh what a fun place and tons of fun things to see. Love that cow painting. Hugs, Marty

  3. This is a really neat shop, Pam! I like seeing the decorations out a little early to get ideas. And I like to pick up a few things here and there to decorate with before the time comes to buy gifts. Aren't the owls just everywhere lately?

    Can't wait to see your project!


  4. Ooh my kind of place to shop! I'm trying to guess what your going tomtrynto paint first! Hall table?

  5. I love Black hubby used to have some clients in Charlotte and I would tag along, drop him off and head to Black Lion....I could spend the entire day there and luckily they had a snack shop!!!....Trying to get in the Christmas spirit and thanks for the inspiration!

  6. What beautiful pictures and a fantastic place to have access to. I would go crazy in there with all the beautiful items I saw.


  7. Believe it or not I am ready to move onto the next..We have no choice out here in blogland. Great looking goods there, I must check it out soon.

  8. Great place! I would have been SO tempted to get some Christmas things but I have too many now:):)


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