Friday, November 29, 2013

Looking Forward To Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. 
Last week Mr. Fanatic and I went to the Mountain Cottage for a few days last weekend and came home on Tuesday. 

It. was. cold.

and rainy.

and a little icy.

Remember that storm that came through the eastern part of the US?
It wasn't too bad where we were, but it was cold.

 Oh, and did I say rainy?

Knowing all that was coming, I went out the day before the storm and collected a couple of bags of pine cones and cut down some little pine tree sapling. 
I might as well take advantage of some free stuff.

All of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and the air was crisp even when the sun was shining on. 

All along the edge of the woods are hundreds of little pine saplings which I would like to cut down since there are rhododendron and other green shrubs growing there which won't do well if the pines are left to grow large. 

I figured now would be a good time to get started since I could decorate with all the branches. 

I cut lots of branches and whole little trees down and filled up a big Sterilite storage tub and we brought them home, along with the pine cones. 

We also  have three Noble Firs growing on the property, but they aren't bushy enough to be a Christmas tree. 
Did I ever tell you the first house in the mountains back in August had 2,000 Christmas trees growing on them?
I was thinking we could have multiple trees all over the house had that deal gone through!

I'd better get busy decorating the house for Christmas. 
I'll leave you with a  few photos of our Thanksgiving. It was just the three of us.

We will have Christmas dinner with at least 4 this year as our oldest daughter was able to get some time off and we booked her flight just a few days ago!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.



  1. Love your family picture, it is gorgeous. Your cabin property is beautiful and I love all the pines, reminds me of when I lived in Oregon. Hugs, Marty

  2. How wonderful to have your own supply of greens! And so glad our daughter will be home for Christmas; is your younger one off to college next year?

  3. Oh what a beautiful view from your mountain cottage!!!..Glad your daughter can join you for Christmas…so you can all be together.


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