Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Good Source For Pillow Covers

Shhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody...
...even though I can diy my own pillow covers 
aka sew, 
I don't always do it. 
Especially when I find a source that has really pretty pillow covers that I love for $13.99.  I could probably make pillow covers for about $6-$10, depending on the fabric, but for me, the extra cost is worth my time and trouble because even though 

I KNOW how to sew,
 I don't LIKE to sew. 

I always end up sewing something the wrong way and end up ripping at least one seam out. 
Anybody feel the same way?

I found the pillow covers online over at Very Jane (jane.com~ sorry no link)  and ordered them for our youngest daughter's room. But, silly me, she wants to change her colors to indigo, not this pretty shade of blue. I realized they were the wrong color for her room when they arrived, but thought they'd look good on our grey sofa. 
Problem is, I only ordered two and our daughter isn't really happy with all of the "mismatched" pillows in our Family Room. 

So, I ordered 2 more and now she's happy that we have "matched" pillows. 

Couldn't resist picking up this little heart shaped ivy topiary at Trader Joe's yesterday. 
It looks perfect next to the sofa  with my new pillow covers. 

The ikat fabric on one of the pillows has a great texture to it. 

Regarding Very Jane, even though this isn't a sponsored post and I'm not an affiliate, I still wanted to spread the word. They offer daily deals for really good prices. 
If you miss the deal, you're out of luck. 
They do offer pillow covers quite often though, but they may or may not be the same style. 

In the past, I've purchased 20 x 20 down pillow inserts from Ikea for $6.99. Unfortunately, they are only available on the West Coast. Wish I had purchased a dozen more for that price!
Would love to know if you have an inexpensive source for down pillow inserts! Otherwise, my big suitcase is going to be packed full of them when we visit SoCal in July. 




  1. Thanks for the heads up on where to get pillow covers! I love the ones you chose!

  2. Good to know! Thanks for the site. I love these pillows!

  3. I found 26" square feather pillows on Ikea's website; is that too big for a sofa pillow?

  4. Very cute! I checked out the site and subscribed... looks like my daughter could spend a lot of time AND money there!

  5. Love your pillows, they are really pretty. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a great deal Pam!…they are beautiful..and love that topiary from TJ's…I will have to hop over there to see if mine carries them…love it!

  7. LOVE those pillows! I know what you mean about sewing. I like to sew, but sometimes it's easy to buy pillows!
    Thanks for letting us know about Jane!

  8. Love your pillow covers. They are really very beautiful.
    Shop for pillow covers online

  9. I love this pillow! It is so fun! I just featured it on my favorite finds list today!


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