Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Decorating Turning Point

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a nice Easter with your family and/or friends. 
If you've been stopping by regularly, you know we're right in the middle of a messy project over at the mountain cottage. I'm sure you've been in the middle of a project when it seems like it's been going on forever and ever, and there's no end in sight.
We're at a turning point at the mountain cottage and things are going to start looking pretty. 

The bed Mr. DIY built for the downstairs bedroom is in the painting stage...

I've actually been sleeping on a real mattress, instead of an air mattress...

We bought some Expedit bookcases for the closet and now I can unpack my suitcase...

I found some linens and a big fluffy down like comforter, plus some really comfy pillows...

and today, I found a cute store nearby that sells vintage furniture and I bought a few things for the downstairs bedroom. 

Woo hoo!

Just in case you're in the Charlotte area, you can visit the cute little vintage store called Kiki's Kottage in downtown Pineville, North Carolina. It just opened up last month. I found it by scouring the furniture section of the Charlotte Craigslist. (I've been know to spend a little time on there)

Took a few pics  of the inside of the store to share and will tell you what I found at the end...

It's a good thing that the mountain cottage is a teeny tiny house since the budget is pretty small for furniture and accessories. It's pretty overwhelming to have to purchase everything for a whole house, even if it's a teeny tiny one.

Been looking for a big basket for the living room to hold some  cuddly throws to keep us warm on those cold days and nights in the Fall and Winter. I haven't been able to find a basket I liked, but this rustic looking wooden box with rope handles might be a great alternative. I'm pretty sure Mr. DIY can make one of these with some of the leftover wood from some other projects. I think some industrial wheels might look good on it, as well. 

Here's another cute little decorated room at the shop. I might have purchased something in this pic. 

I am resisting the temptation to purchase lamps  before the major pieces of furniture get put in the rooms. LOVE that lamp! (Especially the finish)

The shop had a couple of great ladders on display. 
I've been looking for a ladder for either the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs bedroom or the living room. 
This one was a little large for our teeny tiny mountain cottage. 

I ended up getting this fabulous ladder. Not sure which room it will go in, but it's going to look great in one of them. 

Here's the little beauty I got! It's going in the downstairs bedroom and will either hold clothes or a little tv. Depends on whether or not we can get another little tall and slim dresser in the room. 
Kiki's Kottage

Kiki's Kottage

Can't wait to get these two beauties up to the mountain cottage and see how they look in the space. 

Head on over to my Mountain Cottage board on Pinterest to see more of my inspiration for our teeny tiny house. 
Hope you're having a great day!!!


You can see more beautiful furniture on Kiki's Kottage Facebook Page

ps. Just so you know, Kiki's Cottage did not compensate me in any way...I just love sharing cute little shops with y'all. 



  1. What a great shop. So many goodies.
    Mary Alice

  2. What a great store! I could spend hours in a place like that. You found some great pieces!

  3. How fun and looks like tons fo fabulous treasures. Can't wait to see how the cabin is coming along.

  4. That cabinet you bought is cute! The ladder will offer lots of possibilities for uses with that! That looks like a fun place to shop- I'm sure you will find cute pieces for the home especially after a few key pieces are in place like a bed or a sofa etc. It must be fun to do this and have lots of dreams to look forward to fulfilling!

  5. Sure wish I lived closer...what great pieces they have!

  6. I just passed that the other day Pam while going to World market. Darn it wish I would have stopped in. Looks awesome. Will check it out soon. That cabinet is adorable!

  7. The shop looks adorable. Will have to stop in the next time I am in PIneville!!!

  8. Pam, Thanks for the nice write up here. It was a pleasure to meet you and hope that you enjoy the lovely pieces you picke up! Also... to all here ... please drop in and spend some time in Historic Downtown Pineville!


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