Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Porch

Spring arrived here in the Carolinas last month and has  quickly warmed up to summer temps.
The mornings are still cool and enjoyable and the humidity is low,
which makes it perfect for sitting outside on our front because the mosquitoes aren't out yet.

Gotta love that!

Wherever you are, now is the time to make a pretty little space outdoors to sit and take a break..
and drink your favorite refreshment
and listen to the birds
and look at the flowers blooming
and maybe even read a book.

I always pick up a few ferns and a few flowers and put them in pots around the porch.

 ...nothing fancy or expensive.

Just remember to water the flowers occasionally. 
(note to self)

I got out my Spring bouquet and hung it on the door.
It could use a big bow, don't you think?

Make it a habit today and take a break outside in a pretty spot, however short.
As the Nike slogan goes, just do it!

Where is your favorite spot to take a break?


Savvy Southern Style


  1. I started cleaning up the front porch this weekend but haven't gotten to buy any plants or flowers, that's next on my list! Yours looks so sweet and relaxing!

  2. Pretty porch. Yes, the weather has been perfect up until now. Much warmer this week and getting sticky. UGH! Love your door basket.

  3. Pam, what a lovely porch area! I've been working on mine for the past couple of days. Can't wait to get out and really enjoy it! Yours looks great!

  4. Oh i love the ferns and flowers and the door basket is perfect. Such a pretty color. It is getting really warm here, we've already hit 102, so summer is on.

  5. I'm sitting on our terrace with husband and daughter: about to take her back to the airport. It's always a bitter sweet moment, right? We have SUCH fun when she's here and she can still be my (sort of) baby, but now she needs to go back to her own life! Anyway, the terrace is my go to place for peace and quiet and thoughtfulness; and yes, before the mosquitoes and gnats come out. Enjoy the nice weather this week Pam.

  6. Looks perfect Pam. If we can bottle up the weekend we had for the rest of the summer we would be perfect. Enjoy it while we can. I love your porch and the pretty door basket.

  7. Your summer porch looks so pretty Pam!! I usually take a break on my front stoop or the patio in my back under our deck.

  8. Very pretty porch...I love the lime green pop. And the Spanish moss in the pot...great ideas I will try! :)


  9. Your porch looks wonderful and relaxing. I love all of the color and especially the basket on your door ~ vey charming!

  10. So pretty! I love all of the happy colors, especially the green table. Coming over from WOW.

  11. Your flowers are so pretty! This reminds me to get some flowers for my porch. Our temps were in the high 80's & then we had 7 inches of rain Saturday & now it's in the low 50's in the mornings & only getting to the low 70's. UGH! I'm ready for warm temps! Or at least something consistent.


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