Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Little More Yardwork and Bathroom Update

As if 322 bags wasn't enough, we bought 30 more bags of mulch for our mountain cottage.
Compared to 322 bags, 30 was a piece of cake!  

Let me back up a bit...
All along the side of the cottage were these horrible, prickly Holly bushes that while tidy looking, hung over the sidewalk about a foot.  Both Mr. DIY and I had run ins with these bushes, especially when we were using the hose.  Blood was spilled on a couple of occasions.
Every time we walked by the bushes, we'd mutter under our breath   how we hated those bushes and how someday we were going to cut them down.

Well, that day was last weekend. We couldn't stand it anymore, so Mr. DIY got out his chain saw and cut them all down.

Every. Single. One.

On one of our trips to Lowe's we purchased the 30 bags of mulch to cover the ground.(Used up a bunch of bags on our fruit trees)
It was so much better than the prickly holly shrubs along the walkway!

On a second trip to Lowe's, I found these beauties and couldn't resist. (I know I have a problem)

They sat on the porch for a couple of days before I planted them.

There, all planted. 
 I know it doesn't look like much, but as the saying goes...Rome wasn't built in a day.
Neither was my garden at home. 
If you missed my last post, you can read about how our backyard garden evolved over the last decade HERE.
I plan to add some easy, drought and deer resistant perennials to fill up the space.

No more gardening  for awhile(I hope).
Can't promise anything.
We need to get back to finishing the upstairs bathroom, which by the way, has a functioning toilet!

Here's what we're working on this weekend..I need to stain the wood countertop so Mr. DIY can install the undermount sink and the faucet. 
Oh, and install the faux plank wall
and finish the custom medicine cabinet
and install the light over the sink
and finish the storage shelves and the closet in the bedroom.

We plan to build a wood apron under the countertop and then I plan to attach a fabric skirt to the apron.
Can't wait.
When we get all of this finished we can start on the kitchen.

Hope you're having a great weekend.



  1. I just love the siding on your cabin- it adds so much charm! The side looks nice after all the work you did on it. I've seen some Hollis that were huge so it's probably wise you removed them! Your bathroom is coming out so nice! Yay for the functioning toilet!

  2. I adore salvia/sage. I also rip out shrubs when they annoy me.

  3. Pamela, we have those darn prickly bushes, too and I hate them. I love your bathroom floor and that wood counter top. Gorgeous! We are going to plank one of the guest baths soon.

  4. Your cabin is turning out to be a dream. Love how the bathroom is coming along. You guys are doing so much and it all looks amazing.

  5. I'm exhausted just looking at all you have to do! But oh it is going to be so perfect. Congrats on the now functioning toilet!!

  6. It all looks so great!!! I can't wait to see it all done. You guys are making amazing progress!

  7. I'm with you! When I get to the nursery I'm out of control!

  8. The progress of your cabin is truly that sink countertop and can't wait to see the finished product...


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