Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Flowers For The Mountain Cottage and A Simple Irrigation System

 We spent last week at the mountain cottage and just returned home yesterday (Saturday).  
We were hoping to finish the upstairs half bath and start on the kitchen reno, but sometimes the best laid plans...
well, you know the rest.
 I won't bore you with the details.
Maybe just one...
It rained every day we were there... and we had painting to do outside.

Despite the rain and a few other things,
we were able to make some great progress and I can't wait to show it all to you as soon as it's finished.

In the meantime...

 ...Remember a couple weekends ago, we ripped out the horribly prickly holly shrubs and was going to just leave the mulch bare, but I couldn't resist bringing home some Autumn Sage?
 I'm so glad I did because it's pretty, very fragrant and butterflies love it. It's also an evergreen perennial.

 Well, a couple of days before we were suppose to leave for the mountain cottage, I just happened to find these little gems at a local greenhouse. It's called Germander which is a small evergreen herb. 

Then on one of our supply runs this past week, I couldn't resist these beautiful white Coneflowers. These perennials will fill out and grow pretty large. 

After everything was planted I looked at the weather report for next week and it said it wasn't going to rain.
At all.
Not even once.
Then I panicked and wondered how my new plants and flowers were going to make it a whole week in near 90 degree weather with no rain.

Well, Mr. DIY had a great idea to go back to Lowe's and pick up a timer and hook up a simple irrigation system. 

Here's what we got:

Mr. DIY cut the 50 ft hose sprinkler in half, then cut out the rubber separator.

Then, he inserted a connector with a hose clamp, so that it could be attached to the spigot.

A zip tie was clamps the end closed and the end was also filled with caulk. 

Timer was set and we're ready to water. 

It's a perfect impromptu irrigation that will keep our newly planted flowers and evergreens alive.

Can't wait for the flowers to fill in.



  1. Your cabin is really looking fabulous. I love the flowers and the drip system is super.

  2. Dean did something like this when we moved in our house & re did all of the landscaping. It's so great! So I went to Lowe's Saturday morning & they were discounting perfectly good flowers & plants! I went a little crazy.....

  3. Would Mr. DIY like to come over here and set up a system for us??? (joke!) The husband is not handy, and I need an irrigation system badly! Well, my garden guy is actually coming some time this week so help is in sight!!!!

  4. Great idea! The butterflies will love you :)


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