Saturday, July 12, 2014

How To Make A Wood Stool

I found this super cute  red stool on Etsy and  pinned it to my Mountain Cottage board on Pinterest. The stool isn't available anymore, but I showed it to Mr. DIY with a big hint that I would love one.
Old Stuff Love on Etsy

He said he had some left over pieces of 1 x 10's and after consulting with me about the measurements he cut out the pieces.
Isn't he wonderful?

His large Kreg Jig was at the Mountain Cottage, so he made a trip to Lowe's and bought a mini Kreg Jig Pocket hole kit. Making pocket holes is a great way to hide screws so they aren't visible on top of the stool, plus they make it really sturdy.

Here are all the pieces laid out with the pocket holes all drilled.

The pieces are put together this way:
Attach one skirt to the top
attach both legs to the top and skirt
attach the last skirt
attach the stretcher

Here's how the underside looks:

Here's the final product...

The measurements of the top: 9 1/4" x 14"
                                         skirts: 2" x 14" 
                                         legs: 6 5/8" tall x 7 3/4" wide
                                         stretcher: 2 3/8" x 8 1/2"
                                         notch in leg: 3" tall by 4" wide

When our daughter saw the stool all put together she thought it was so cute that she asked her dad to make one. :)

I think  I will give this stool to our daughter to paint and have Mr. DIY make me one with slightly different measurements.

Now, what color should our daughter paint it?
This stool will be going in her bedroom. 
You can see her bedroom HERE.
The next stool will be for the upstairs bathroom at the mountain cottage. 

If you'd like to see the finished wood stool painted, click HERE.


  1. Love it Pam! I have been eyeing benches like those. Thinking of making two for our breakfast nook.

  2. This is the perfect size stool for those top of the cabinet shelves. I love yours, and such a great tutorial.

  3. Great tutorial Pam! Such a cute stool!

  4. Such a cute stool and thanks for the "how to's"!!!!

  5. And poof like magic it was yours! LOVE it Pam.


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