Friday, July 18, 2014

New Paint For A Quick And Easy Update

We have about a gazillion unfinished projects that we are working between the mountain cottage and at our house. 
There are more like 20, but it FEELS like a gazillion. 

Ever been there?

Each project needs time between coats of paint, or needs to sit in a jig for a week while the glue dries or has to wait until we get up to the mountain cottage or....
you get what I mean. 

Well, this week, I started one more project in the midst of all the others, which, in turn, created at least 5 or 6 MORE projects for the room. Oy!

I started on the new paint for our laundry room! 
I brought home the paint back in March, but we always seemed to have something else to do on the weekend or during the week. Mr. DIY didn't even know I was going to start on the laundry room while he was at work and was surprised when he came home and had to help me by moving the washing machine and dryer. Most of the laundry room is finished (even most of the trim), but I still have to paint two doors and trim...
and do a few more projects.
I am happy to announce that I finished a painting project for the laundry room! 
Sometimes when you're in the middle of a gazillion unfinished projects you have to do a small one to give yourself a sense that you've accomplished something!
Here's a peek at the new paint on the walls. It's Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams...

Our laundry room was green paint and black accessories. 
It was definitely time for an update. 

This accessory above our key rack needed a makeover since we are lightening things up in the room. You have to love spray paint for a quick and inexpensive update. 

So, off to Lowe's I went to pick up some supplies because of the 20 cans of spray paint on my shelf, none were white!
This was the first time I used Rustoleum Paint & Primer In One. 
I really liked the ergonomic handle and spray trigger. I sprayed several coats, letting them dry thoroughly between coats. 
After that, I sanded the metal to let it show through the paint. 

Ta da!

One project down...

... 5 or 6 projects to go.

A fresh coat of paint makes a big difference.

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  1. Very pretty, Pam! And I know what you mean about doing those small projects...just because.:-)
    Love SW Rainwashed, too.

  2. Love the new color, so pretty and it is nice and light. The plaque looks fantastic. I havn't used that paint either, need to give it a try.

  3. I love the way the can looks. I hadn't seen these, I need to spray paint a few things I think I am going to try it. Amazing how something white can lighten and freshen up a space with such little effort. Those small projects eventually add up to big ones! Great job.

  4. Looks pretty! I think I'd like that paint. I have a hard time with the regular cans.

  5. Really admiring your work, its so inspiring! ;)


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