Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Painted Vintage Style Wood Stool

Remember last month  Mr. DIY made me a cute wood stool. Our daughter really liked it, so I gave that one to her and Mr. DIY made me another one. 
I had him change up a few of the dimensions  on the second stool. 

The inspiration for my stool came from this cute one I found on Etsy.
Old Stuff Love on Etsy

This was the first stool Mr. DIY made for me. 
 If you would like to see how we made the stool, you can see it HERE.

The second stool has  two difference from the first one; the skirt on the new one is  1 1/2" high instead of 2" and the legs were moved out a half an inch more on either side.  

 I mixed up some black and light grey paint I already had.

Both stools were made from scrap wood we had in the garage. I'm hoping we have more scrap wood in the garage because I could use a few more of these.

Do you use stools around your house? 
(I'm only 5ft 4" tall and I seem to always need one.) 


Power Of Paint


  1. I have a fold up step stool that I use a lot, sometimes just pull a chair to where I need it! I'm short too. I love your stylish stool so much more. Love the color you did it in too.

  2. Very cute...those stools are even great to use when you want to add height in a display!

  3. It's so much cuter than anything I've seen in a store!

  4. We use stools all over the house. My favorite are the two needlepoint my Mother had done…love, love them for my feet in the winter. Then we have a wooden stool where each letter of my daughter's name fits in a frame: it has teeth marks from when she would chew on the letters as a wee one (no, I didn't let her chew for long!). Then I have several more. The rolling one in the kitchen that automatically locks when you step on it is a life saver (I'm just over 5'4" too) for the upper cabinets. So yes…indeed, we do use stools!

  5. Love your little stool Pam! I'm featuring it on Friday over at Power of Paint!

  6. If you have hubby cut a 3 - 3 1/2" x 1" oval hole in the top, it will make your stools so easy to move around...just slip your hand through the hole and off you go!!
    Blessings to you,


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