Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Window Treatments For The Family Room


I'm ashamed to admit this, but this is how the window looked in our Family Room for uh, 
at least a year
or so.

The blind on the right just downright broke and fell down. 

The string on the blind in the middle is broken and the slats don't hang straight. 
I had plans to sew some fancy burlap trimmed roman shades, but I never got around to it. 
Well, we have been a little busy with the reno at the Mountain Cottage.

I had a few of these bamboo roman shades from Home Depot that I had bought for the Mountain Cottage. I brought them home because I changed my mind and was going to bring them back because I wanted to make some fabric Roman Shades for the upstairs bedroom
 (we'll see how that goes)

 Mr. DIY put them up, but they really should have been about one inch wider for a perfect fit.

They still were better than a missing and broken blind. 

Ikea to the rescue! I thought the same curtains we have in our Breakfast Room would be perfect to cover up the gaps. Mr. DIY picked up a couple pars of  Vivan curtains at Ikea on the way home one day for $9.99 each. Gotta love that!

He picked up a black 10ft rod at Ikea for $7.99. 

The curtains are about an inch too long and I might shorten them.

or not...

What do you think?
Should I shorten them or not???



  1. I absolutely love what you've done! The curtains really soften the windows up. I personally am not a fan of the puddle but, I think these look GREAT!

  2. Love this solution! I personally don't care for puddling curtains...but then I have a rambunctious cat! At any rate...they look great! ;)

  3. That turned out great. The curtains added to the look. I don't mind some puddling but sometimes I thinkeoplw tomato far with it. At least if you decide to shorten them you can leave the hem alone and do it at the casing area. My pets would just lay on them if I left the extra fabric- lol.

    1. *I think some people go too far with it
      (sorry about typo)

  4. Well, yes, I would shorten them. Somehow the room just isn't "formal" enough for the puddling, and they seem a little cramped in there with so much material at the bottom. They might look tidier if a bit shorter. Great solution all round!

  5. So will you still use the bamboo shades? Will they lay on top of the sheers or under? I like puddle curtains, but I think it would look better with a narrower hem. What about flipping the panels upside down, with the wider hem at the top?? I'd have to 'play' to find what I like. Your home is so beautiful, has it ever been in BH&G or Southern Living? If not, it should!

  6. I also don't care for puddling. Great DIY idea for this window!

  7. A big improvement! Window dressing can make or break a window, and the sheerness of these drapes adds a nice soft touch. Personally I'd 'lose' the bamboo one as it makes the window look over-dressed, and privacy doesn't appear to be an issue from what I can see. I'd lift the drapes until they just skim the floor, for a more free-flowing effect. Big thumbs up from Oz!

  8. I love the new blinds and drapes...such a beautiful look...would love to hear what you decide to do with the length of the drapes...

  9. Love the blinds and drapes, looks so pretty on that gorgeous window.

  10. YES! you should hem them. They don't look like they're "puddled" but rather just too long. Sorry :-(

  11. I love how you have the white curtains surround the pull down bamboo blinds. My favorite type of design is the natural homey colors. I would love to learn more about designing my home. window coverings


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