Saturday, May 16, 2015

Repainting The Master Bedroom

Now that the new mulch is spread in the garden, it was time to start one of the many projects inside the house.
Today we started on the Master Bedroom repainting. At least, Mr DIY did. 
My fatigue has been pretty bad the past couple of days, so I'm not much help. 

It's a big project because everything needs to be painted...
the ceiling, 
the walls
and all the molding.

The first thing we did was to take everything off the walls and remove the small furniture and accessories and take them into another room. 

Bye bye, orderly room. 

The walls and trim definitely need painting, as there a scuffs and marks on the walls and the whole room needs lightening up. 
The dark brown seems so 5 years ago and lightening up the paint will be better for resale. 
We decided to do this ourselves because between the Master Bedroom and Bath, the cost would be $1,500. Since the ceilings are only 9 ft in these rooms, we opted to save some money and do it ourselves. 

One of the problems of doing it yourself is living with the mess a little bit longer. 

This chest is usually at the foot of the bed.

The paint we chose is White Sand by Benjamin Moore, but we had Sherwin Williams mix it up in an Eggshell finish in the Cashmere line. White Sand is the color in the Family Room. 

We chose White Sand, instead of Revere Pewter (which is the color that's on the far wall in the kitchen) because the gray paint samples didn't look good with the beige carpet because it has a yellow tone to it. It's a nice neutral paint that makes for a great backdrop. 

It will be nice to get the Master Bedroom paint finished. Then, it's on to the Master Bath.
What room in your house needs painting?



  1. Replies
    1. I've been looking forward to a new lighter color for some time :)

  2. Take it slow and remember to listen to your body. That's priority number one


  3. We just painted our master bedroom a few months ago and I'm so happy with it (navy!). We also painted our den the same color. Now what needs to be painted...probably the master bath!

  4. I could definitely use a "refresh" but we are going to have the painters come soon and paint the outside of the house, all the trim work...which is a lot with lots of columns and ceilings, and 7sets of French doors!....Can't wait to see the bedroom~

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