Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Garden Tour 2015

The mulch in the garden is all spread.  
Check one Spring chore off the list.

I always love how fresh the garden looks in Spring once the mulch is all spread.
We waited for dyed bagged mulch to go on sale at Lowes Home Improvement and then had them deliver 4 + pallets of mulch. 

Instagram photo

This year we hired some teenage boys to help us. They helped us a couple of days and then Mr. DIY and I spent 3 more separate days spreading the rest.
I was able to help some and even was able to work for 2 hours straight on a few of those days.
(for those that don't know, I'm recovering from lyme disease)

Since the Cypress chips still looked good, we didn't bother getting a yard or two to top it off. The chips aren't as bright as last year, but they still look good. Nothing much has changed with the path to my childhood playhouse. As I've said before, we brought the playhouse my parents gave me for my 5th birthday all the way from Southern California to where we live in North Carolina. Our girls played with it back in SoCal when they were little. It will be going with us when we move.

This photo was taken in the morning from the deck. I love how the sunlight  shows through the woods. 

The long row of hostas grow bigger every year. The gardenias near the house haven't started growing new leaves yet or maybe we killed them by cutting them back so hard. Only time will tell.

The view from the basement patio is so peaceful. 

This patio is always cool and is my favorite place to take a break. 

Just one more peek outside from the basement door windows.

Had to throw in a photo of one of the glorious azaleas growing at our mountain cottage. I cannot get them to grow at our house for the life of me. They end up looking a scraggly and eventually die.
I just don't understand it... there are 12 half planted in the front of the mountain cottage- half in the ground and half sticking out of the ground.
Yet, these azaleas are blooming and growing and mine at home are dying. 
What am I doing wrong?

Mr. DIY and I are so happy the mulch is spread in the garden. With any luck, this will be the last time we do it, that is, if we can get the house ready to sell in a few months and if we find a buyer.

Wish us luck!

If you'd like to see more of my garden, last year's Spring Garden Tour was my favorite. 
You can see it HERE.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!

If you'd like to follow my  Healing from Lyme Journal, you can find it HERE.


  1. Pam I know what a big undertaking a yard that size.

    It's so easy this year at the new house. I am still limited with what I can do outside with my MS. At least I was able to do something.

    I hope you are controlling the effects of the Lyme disease.

    It will be easier for you both with less maintenance


  2. Your gardens are lovely! We are in the process of re-landscaping our beds...thinning out, moving...creating a hosta garden...lots of work. Hope they turn out as nice as yours! Sounds like you are feeling better...stay well! ;)

  3. Pam: Re. your azaleas. We planted two Encore Azaleas almost three years ago. First year they looked wonderful. Then, yes, they looked scraggly and didn't flower either season. Awful. Last summer I made a very slight trench around them and watered the life out of them both. I fed them late spring and then late fall and wow! they bloomed very well this spring!!! So now I will feed them again in the next few weeks, but be sure to keep them well watered all summer. Hope this might help! They are so gorgeous when they do actually bloom!

  4. That's so weird about the azaleas. They're one of the easiest things to grow here. We have a ton of weeding to be done but I haven't wanted to get out there because my allergies have been so bad lately & we leave on a cruise next week. I'm seriously considering hiring someone just this once.

  5. Your home could be sold right now as is I'm confident of that! You have a beautiful yard and the inside is beautiful too. I see the comment from Libby above- It sounds like she's onto a good plan for the azaleas. I had something called "voles" that killed some shrubbery. They are like a field mouse but love vegetation and will destroy the plant from the under the ground up to the bottom of the plant. A friend I know lives in Virginia and they destroy a lot of things for her. I guess that's a possibility that those are bothering yours too.

  6. Your yard and gardens are amazing! I can't get over all the work you and Mr. Fanatic do..but boy you do it well! Azaleas like more shade so that could be the problem. The ONLY reason I know that is because I have a friend here who I took garden photos of her yard and she was passing on some knowledge of know I need it lol.


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