Friday, June 12, 2015

From Blah to Beautiful: Master Bedroom Re-Reveal

Our Master Bedroom is finished...
It's amazing how a few colorful accessories will make the room so much better when you're decorating a space.
It's also surprising to me that I did all of this in a week! 
When I'm looking for something, it usually takes me forever to find something I like, but I lucked out!

On Monday...

...I had an appointment with my chiropractor, which just happens to be close to a Marshall's store. I thought I would have enough energy to shop the store, since this particular store isn't too large. I made my way in and headed straight to the home section in the back and found the pillows above. 
I was obsessed looking for a shiny silver pillow ever since I saw this little vignette at the Model Home Tour Mr. DIY and I took awhile back. 
I couldn't find one that was less than $50! I even looked at fabric since I can sew, but all the fabric I liked was too expensive.  So glad I went to Marshall's that day. The two Nicole Miller pillows were $16.99 each and the silver pillow was $19.99. I used one of the gift cards I received from my credit card points, so the shopping trip didn't have to come out of the budget.

This is how our Master Bedroom looked last week when we showed you the new paint... The neutral paint on the walls is great for resale and looks lighter and brighter, but it's a little bland don't you think?

Here's how it looks after a few colorful pillows and a coordinating darker quilt.
Much better! I found the pillows at Marshall's on Monday and that evening I was online and googled "gray king size pillow shams" and they  popped up from I couldn't believe my luck. They even had a coordinating king size quilt. The quilt and the pillow covers look purple in the photos, but they are actually dark gray in person.

So now I have a question for you. Do you like the bed WITH the beige rectangular pillow?...

...or WITHOUT?

WITHOUT the beige pillow?...

...or WITH the beige pillow?

Let me know what you think with a quick comment or on Facebook.

Thanks so much for stopping by for my Master Bedroom Re-Reveal! 
You can see the Master Bedroom before it was painted HERE

ps: we pay off our credit cards every month and don't pay a yearly fee for one. This is the only way that getting points from your credit card makes any sense. 


  1. with. it comes off as more like a hotel/spa/luxury space.

  2. Very pretty, Pam. Definitely with!gives a finished look.

  3. Definitely with the beige pillow! To me it looks more luxurious.
    I love the room!

  4. Very pretty, Pam! And I like it with the beige pillow.

  5. I love those new pillows from Marshalls and the paint makes the room so much lighter and brighter. I like the bed both ways but I think it looks more finished with the beige pillow.

  6. I keep asking myself the same question...I have a similar dilemma...I decided "with"....looks more finished! Your rooms is lovely! ;)

  7. With......absolutely with!!

  8. Beautiful room, looks like a retreat. I'd keep the beige pillow.

  9. Love the Nicole Miller pillows and keep the rectangular one with them. Pretty!

    1. I think it was love at first sight in regards to the pillows. They seemed to jump right into my cart!

  10. Looks wonderful! I do like the extra rectangular pillow on the bed.

  11. Love the pillows - nice score! As for on the bed, I really prefer with the rectangular pillow, it seems unfinished without it.

  12. Gorgeous. I love it with the beige pillow. Such a pretty room.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful room Pam...great job and love the added pillow...the more the better!!


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