Friday, May 13, 2016

Home Tour May 2016

Hello friends!

Hope you're having a great day!

The project list is finished and the house is on the market. The photographer was here a few days ago and the house was clean, so I thought I'd take a few huge number of photos in it's present state.
When do you EVER get the chance to have the whole house cleaned and in near perfect condition?

So grab your favorite beverage and sit for a spell while you enjoy the home tour. 

credit: Brian Stogner -Elemental PixTours


Living Room - we call it the piano room- is to the left

Dining Room to the right

Great Room or Family Room

Foyer- looking back towards the front door

Downstairs Hallway

Powder Room

Laundry Room


Deck- off the Kitchen/Breakfast Area

View from the deck

Had to show you my little herb garden.

Back into the house - view from the Breakfast Area

The Breakfast Room - my favorite room to photograph

Back through the kitchen and hall - The Master Bedroom

The Master Bath

The Master Closet

Back into the Master Bedroom

Up the stairs... The Guest Room

Our oldest daughter's former room

The Upstairs Bath

Our youngest daughter's room

The Bonus Room/Office - Could be a bedroom since it has a closet

Back down the hall looking down from the "Bridge" into the Family Room

And down into the Foyer

Down 2 flights of stairs to the lower level (aka basement) Family Room 

The full Bath in the basement

Storage room... that's my sauna

My famous storage room

The biggest part of the unfinished area of the basement

Back in the basement Family Room looking out to the backyard

The Basement Patio

My childhood playhouse that I brought with me from Southern California

The Patio In The Woods

Hope you enjoyed my house tour!



  1. Wow! I'm sure you are going to sell it right away! It looks primed and perfect for a quick full price (or more) sale! Love it, you guys have done such an amazing job on your home!

  2. You have such an incredibly beautiful home Pam. It will go in no time. And the spaces are just amazing.

  3. Wow it really is a huge home! I can't get over how much space there is. Everything looks wonderful. I always have loved your yard and have to believe that other's will be totally intrigued by it. You've laid out the shrubs and perennials around your foundation and yard so beautifully. Fingers crossed for a fast sale and for you to find another home to buy quickly too!

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! So you & Mr. DIY did this all yourselves? Did you have to hire someone for help? You two are amazing together. You must be feeling a sigh of relief to have this enormous project DONE! CYH (Consider Yourself Hugged) Donna

  5. It looks more than ready to two worked very hard on this! Looks wonderful! Good luck on the sale! ;)

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