Saturday, August 6, 2016

New House Home Tour

As promised, I'm sharing the home tour of our new home today. We've been in our house 3 weeks today and are almost finished unpacking, with just a few boxes here and there. Everything doesn't have a home yet because we need furniture in our Family Room, Breakfast Room, Guest Room and Office since we had to move furniture around  and we have to purchase new furniture because this house is configured differently.
I'm sharing photos of before any of our furniture and boxes were delivered and what we have to work with.
A few photos were taken when we viewed the house. This house is 3 years old and the previous owners didn't live in this house most of the time and did very little to it.
Here we go:

mls photo
 Lots of work to do in this room.

Looking back from the end of the Family Room.

The Dining Room is much larger than our last house and is to the right of the open Foyer when you walk in.

This is the Study, which is to the left of the Foyer and we'll use it as our office/craft room. It's 1/3 the size of our office/craft room/bonus room at our last house.

There's a huge hallway just past the Foyer where the Builder offered a staircase that would lead to a Bonus Room over the garage. Unfortunately, it can't be done now because the framing over the garage would be different. We plan to do some bookcases (open on the top, closed on the bottom) with a bench seat between them. 

There are quite a few closets in the house, thank goodness! Mr. DIY has already turned this coat closet into our overflow pantry since it's closet to the kitchen and there's another coat closet on the other side of the house not too far from the front door. More on the pantry in a bit.

Our new laundry room is bigger than our last house, which is a good thing because our garage is much smaller than our last house and I had a whole tall cabinet of utility items stored in there. Mr. DIY installed wall cabinets and a tall utility cabinet for storage the first weekend we were here.

This is the Guest Room. It's a small room with a large walk in closet.
mls photo
The Hall Bath is small, but thank goodness there's a large linen closet in the hall.
mls photo

This photo was taken when we viewed the house and Mr. DIY has already added 2 more shelves for storage.

Our daughter's room is 6" larger in each direction than her last room and is configured the same, except for the windows. Mr. DIY and our daughter started painting this room the day we closed. It's the only room in the house that looks finished! 

The closet is larger too, but has wire shelving/hanging. We've already ordered a closet system, which Mr. DIY will customize.

 The Kitchen is not my favorite room. I stressed over this room many days and nights because it has at least 25% less cabinets in it than our last house.
Kitty photobombed the kitchen photo!

 I do, however, LOVE the double oven (one is convection) and the gas cooktop! The wide 33" oven cabinet has been a lifesaver because Mr. DIY added dividing racks in the space above the oven and it holds a lot now that it's organized.

Hehe, Kitty just had to sneak in again. 
It was difficult squeezing everything in and I mostly did it. We're going to increase the space in the cabinets by ordering double roll out shelving for the base cabinets and Mr. DIY plans to do a shallow drawer under the cooktop(it doesn't get warm under there)

See the pantry? in the above photo... It looks like it's a good size, but.......
It's on an angle because of the hallway behind it. This gave me the most grief.  We had 7 feet in the last house and this offers about 3 1/2. That's why Mr. DIY added a couple of shelves to it (this is after that) and why we had to use the hall closet for storage of everything that wasn't food.

That fan is in the wrong place and there are no floor plugs. Adding plugs are easy since we have a high crawl underneath. 

I love the Screened Porch off of the Breakfast Room and Kitchen. 

There's a little hallway with a coat closet in it that leads to our bedroom. Mr. DIY has already taken out the wired shelf/hanging and installed melamine shelving and a new rod. (this photo taken while we viewed the house.)

Our Bedroom is just a little smaller than our last our by a few inches. All our furniture fit in here the same way, except, the chair is a large and I may move it to the living room and purchase a smaller chair. I think I already found the one I want.

Not sure about the niche. We may close it up and add another closet behind it in the bathroom. Lots of options.

Our Master Bath is very large. I'm thinking we will change the lights, towel bars to hooks and paint the cabinets grey since there's grey in the tile.

The tub is HUGE and thank goodness the linen closet is about the same as our last house. Mr. DIY already took out the 4 wire shelves and installed new adjustable melamine shelving.

Our Master Closet is much larger than our old house, but it has wire shelving, which makes it very unorganized because there's little shelving I can reach.. We've already come up with an affordable plan using the Ikea Hemnes line. The photo only shows one side of the closet.

Now to the outside...

Our yard is small. If you've been following me, you know we had a HUGE, beautiful yard and garden at our last house. While it was beautiful to look at, it was A LOT to take care of. We didn't want that at this house. If we want space, we can go to our Mountain Cottage, where we have 3 1/2 acres. 

We will most likely be cutting back the new growth trees that have grown up in the last 3 years to give us aoubt 5 more feet. The lot slopes down steeply and below is a walking trail. The house behind us is on the other side of the ravine and about 250 to 300 feet away. 

 We've met our neighbors on both sides and they are very nice. We hired our neighbor's son to cut our lawn/weeds until we get settled a bit. Mr. DIY is excited that he will be able to mow our lawn with a cordless electric mower, which we'll get once our garage is in order. 

mls photo

That's the whole tour. Would love to be able to show you our Front Porch all decorated, but we still have one more 15 ft trailer/pod with our storage, garage and misc furniture to be delivered some time in the future. I'm thinking that won't be until the weather cools off.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. It's really a beautiful home- you guys chose wisely. Though your other home was huge and things were the way you wanted them it's great to scale back while the market is still good. You did have quite a yard there so this one be so laborious. Can't wait to see all the rooms with furniture in them.

  2. Your new home is beautiful, Pam! I love seeing it before you decorate and can't wait to see more of it as you finish each room. It's going to be spectacular!

  3. I'm curious about your replacing wire shelving with the melamine. I'm sure you have good reason. Please explain. I'm sure my closets could be more organized than they are. Storage is a little lacking in this house.

    1. Oh, let me count the reasons for replacing wire with melamine...
      1. it can be installed so it's adjustable and therefore, you use the space better.
      2. easier to clean.
      3. easier to slide things on
      4. in a closet, you can only slide your clothers over 4 or 5 inches before hitting wire.
      Here's the closet in my last house:
      Here's the post on the master bath linen closet in the new house:

  4. Loved the tour Pam....I cannot wait to see the magic you will work on your new home!

  5. The house looks gloriously spacious! I love how the high ceilings are allowing all that light to come into the living areas. And like you mentioned, all those storage cabinets are really going to help you with getting all the odds and ends hidden away once you get stuffed unpacked and ready to shift in.

    1. Thanks Christopher! Our last house was larger, but this house feels bigger and more spacious because it's all on one floor. We're almost finished with the storage organization, with the exception of the master closet and roll outs in the kitchen and it's feeling more like home every day.


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