Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shopping For A New House

Hello friends!

Don't you love finding a new shop with lots of interesting things and great prices?

I know I do - especially when they have items that you're looking for at that particular time.

We sold the two Family Room chairs before we sold our previous house and I've also been wanting to get a new sofa because the grey one we bought several years ago was cheap inexpensive and was supposed to be temporary. I've also been looking on Craigslist for a large entertainment center just in case someone happens to be selling one that will suit our needs. 

I found a local shop called Sardis Marketplace while perusing Craigslist and went to their Facebook page. They had several chairs and a sofa and loveseat that were affordable and the right size, so I decided to head on over to see what else they had. Turns out the place was made up of quite a few shops within the building. Some shops sold new furniture and some sold vintage furniture and accessories. I'm definitely going to go back and shop for more because the prices were good.

I loved this display.

Here's a larger photo of the booth.

Don't you love the classic lines of this cabinet?


 I didn't expect to find a large entertainment center almost the exact size of one that I had drawn up just a few days ago. The price on this piece was $2,499, which was pretty reasonable, considering I had seen others I kind of like for between $5,000 and $8,000(totally out of the question). I would have purchased it on the spot, but thought it was a little too rustic in style compared to our very formal dining room furniture. We're not quite ready to replace those pieces too.

I loved the chairs in the display, as well. 

The chair we had in our last Master Bedroom is a little large for the new space and this chair would be perfect and the price was affordable. The larger chair would fit in the living room. 

This sofa would look great in a smaller space. You don't often see sofas that are this narrow.

These leather chairs made me pause, even though I don't normally like leather furniture. I really love their sleek style.

I thought of Kim of Savvy Southern Style when I saw these demijohns. 

I ended up getting this traditional sofa and loveseat. They were comfortable and not a bad price.

If you're ever in Charlotte, be sure to stop off and visit Sardis Marketplace.  Definitely going to keep my eye on their Facebook page for other  things we might need. 

Do you have a favorite shop you love to visit near you?


This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a great place to shop!


  1. Super store Pam, I like a bench I noticed. The first cabinet with the glass was gorgeous. Love the couches you found. Hope your are feeling ok.


    1. Thanks Cindy! That tall glass cabinet is beautifu! I am recovering a bit from the move and hope to be much better in a few weeks.

  2. My daughter is an incoming Freshman at UNCC (like...next Friday,wow). I need to definitely put Sardis on my ever growing list of Places to visit/Things to Do when I'm there.

  3. I'm with you on leather...I don't really understand the fascination with it. I slide around on it too much! But I love that narrow sofa and yes, it's very hard to find "smaller" sofas these days. We've had our Jennifer convertible sofa for almost twenty years and it has held up just beautifully...but time to replace! Too bad Charlotte is such long trip for us!


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