Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Hall Linen Closet

Hello friends!

We are still organizing here at downsized Casa Fanatic.
When we viewed our home for the first time, guess which space/spaces we were most excited about? 

It wasn't because the Dining Room was huge or the Master Bath has a big tub. It wasn't even for the large Family Room.  
We were so excited when we viewed this house because there were 3 hall closets and a Master Bath linen closet. We were downsizing and we needed storage space. 

I was so excited about the 4 hall closets that I took photos of them. This is how the Hall Closet looked when we viewed the house. Even though it was larger than the 2nd linen closet we had at our old house, what I didn't notice is that is that it only had 4 shelves. 

So, Mr. DIY headed off to the big box store and purchased one shelf. We had originally thought we'd use the 16" deep wire shelving  that we took out of our Master Bath linen closet, but we couldn't do that since this closet was a few inches wider.

He added one shelf to the top...

...and one shelf at the bottom.

Since we already had brackets left over from other wire shelves we took out, we spent less than $20.

I've been working on hemming some Ikea Ritva curtain panels. They only come in 96" and 118" and we need 101.

 Our porch furniture is still in that last 15 ft trailer/pod in storage, but Mr. DIY wanted more comfortable seating than the bench we have, so he brought home a few chairs from Ikea. Mr. DIY has made many  trips to Ikea the last few weeks.

He purchased some Sektion cabinets for the garage in anticipation of the 15 foot trailer/pod in storage which is storing most of our garage items. These are going to look great once they are all finished and the doors are on. Mr. DIY says he is going to have a clean garage at this house. Can't wait.

Fall is almost here, but the few Fall decorations that we have are in that last 15 foot trailer, so I'm a little glad(not too much though) that it's still too warm in my book, for Fall decorations.

If you missed the other 3 closets (and the pantry) you can see them here:

Happy Organizing!!!



  1. You are so organized and you make your closets cute too! I applaud your husband for working to make the garage to organized. I've never been able to get Dan to do neaten the garage up the way I'd like it. I like those chairs Mr. DIY brought home from IKEA!

  2. I should think that it's easy enough to construct a storage closet in your home if you really need a bit more of a storage solution in your home. But whether or not it'll obstruct or clash with the current layout of your house depends on how well you plan to store your items. I'd say that it's still very important to make sure you throw things out every once in a while! Haha!

    1. I agree about throwing things out! If it doesn't fit in the closet, I sell it or give it away!


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