Monday, February 27, 2017

Change Up Your Family Room With New Pillow Covers

Can you ever have enough pillows or pillow covers?

I don't think so, but maybe that's just me.
The biggest problem with buying pillows is that they take up too much space. 
The great thing about pillow covers is that they take up so little space when stored and they cost less to 
make (or buy) than if you buy a whole new pillow. For less $60 if you make pillow covers or $60-$100 if you purchase them, you can give your Family room a whole new look.

I probably have a couple/three dozen pillows and just change out the covers seasonally. 
In January, I ordered 3 different blue fabrics and some zippers from and made 8 pillow covers 
for the Family Room. I found the faux Mongolian fur pillow from

Blue is both classic and trendy and looks great on a white, tan or grey sofa.

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When the next season or holiday comes up, it's easy to change out the pillow covers for something else. 

Couldn't help rearranging the pillows...

Sewing a pillow cover is pretty easy and doesn't take much time.  If you don't sew, pillow covers are available online at Amazon, Etsy or your favorite store. I've included a few cute pillow covers that are available on Amazon. Most of these are 18" pillow covers, one is 24" and one is 20", so make sure you have the right size pillow/inner cushion to put them over if you order any.

As you can see from the pricing, pillow covers aren't too expensive and you can get a lot of them for $60 to $100. They also won't take up much space once you need to store them. 

What's your favorite way to change up your Family Room?


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  1. I feel the same way about pillow covers!! I love your new navy ones. They look so fresh!

  2. Your new pillows look fabulous- great fabric choices! I've never been a pillow changer until recently. It's a nice way of getting a new look for the room. You are smart about the adding just pillow covers instead of a whole pillow since it does add a lot of bulk.

  3. Your pillows all looks so wonderful Pam!...Love pillow covers as they store so easily!

  4. And yet another great source of pillow covers is Etsy. That is the only place I shop for so many things: small, independent businesses! But the selection is always great. Love the indigo with the tan: what a crisp and fresh look!!!!


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