Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Zhushing Up A Corner Of The Laundry Room

Can your laundry room use a little zhushing?

It has been a pleasure folding laundry in our laundry room ever since it was transformed from builder basic to pretty and functional. Lighting really made a difference too. This angle looked great, but there was a corner that still needed zhushing up...

The sink area was too plain and needed some attention. This little corner of the laundry room was dark because the tall cabinet created a shadow even though Mr. DIY added 2 additional can lights to the room . The space above the sink also needed something...

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on artwork, so I found a wood frame for $9.99 at HomeGoods and printed up something on the printer.

Because the sink corner was dark, Mr. DIY added a barn style sconce. We purchased it from Amazon(I'll link below) for less than $40. He also cut down a curtain rod we already had and installed it above the sink

The last thing I purchased was a decorative white liquid soap dispenser at HomeGoods.

Zhushing complete!

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If you missed our laundry room makeover, you can find it HERE.


  1. That looks great. You'll love the curtain rod for hanging things. The sign is cute- just the right touch!

  2. You surely did Zhush up that area so beautifully...love the scone and the artwork...it indeed made such beautiful difference!

  3. I would have put in a mirror actually! It just seems natural that you would need a mirror in the laundry room at one point!

  4. It's amazing how a little bit of a personal touch can make a big difference even to a storage or laundry room hey? Makes one think about whether they should put in a little more effort to decorate! Haha!


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