Friday, June 12, 2020

Mountain Cottage Update

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Well, hello friends! 

It's been a loooonnnnnnngggg time!
Just before Valentine's Day, to be exact. 
So much has happened since then. Are you still hanging in there?
Mr. DIY and I are doing fine. He's still working and I'm even designing some kitchens long distance! So that's new.
And....our daughter had an elopement in the middle of a pandemic.
Yep, she sure did. We flew to SoCal and joined them. We haven't been sick at all. 
Maybe I'll share some photos of the elopement next time. Everything was so beautiful.
Before flying across the country, Mr. DIY and I spent a week at our mountain cottage. The weather was still a little cool in the morning, but it was gorgeous, even though we had a couple of rain storms. 
We enjoyed our view:

Here's the view standing in front of the workshop. Still pretty!

The two azalea bushes on the view side were in full bloom. 

Mr. DIY was able to finally get out the roots from the holly bushes that graced the side of our house.  We chopped them down to the ground several years ago, but weren't able to pull the roots out at that time. Mr. DIY pulled several roots out on the view porch side, but there never seemed to have enough time to pull the last 6 out. 
So glad they are out as the sharp pointy leaves are nasty and we are glad to be rid of them. 

I spent a lot of time sitting on the view porch in between video calls for kitchen design, lots of house cleaning (I hadn't been there since October) and little projects. 

I realized, I've never shared with you the view porch/deck reno after photo from down on the lawn. 
Our cottage looked like this BEFORE:

And here's the AFTER. 

It's really not the after after. Maybe the in progress pic. We sealed the cedar posts, but plan to stain it. We though we would like them with a clear finish, but alas, we don't, so maybe we'll stain them next Fall or Spring.

We also have plans to paint the house on the view porch so it isn't so dark and we plan to paint the porch ceiling an off white color to brighten things up. 
Last week, Mr. DIY installed an outdoor ceiling fan on the view porch. 

Can't tell you how much I love the look of the stairs now.

In a year or so we also have plans to paint the outside of the house. It will take me that long to pick a color! 
The color will be green again, but not quite so dark. The trim will be an ivory, instead of another shade of green.

Here's the before again:

...and here's the after.

If you missed the view porch deck being built, you will find it HERE

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  1. Wow Pam those views are amazing! I love your cottage. The new stairs look much better. Sounds like your future update plans will add some nice enhancements! Congrats on your daughters marriage!

    1. Thanks Liz! My husband really did a great job on this project. There's always something on the project list, though.
      The elopement trip went by way too fast!


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