Thursday, December 31, 2020

Christmas Storage Options

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I have a lot of containers filled with Christmas items that are stored in our 6 ft high crawl space. At our last house, we stored things in our basement, which was a bit easier, since all we had to do was walk downstairs. 

Sterilite containers are my go to storage for nearly everything. 
I prefer the non see thru containers because I want everything to be uniform and neat and tidy. Labels on the front of the container help. I added laminated labels I could write general contents on with a dry erase marker.
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How To Store Your Stuff

If you prefer see through bins, you might like these . Just be sure to check the measurements of the container you decide on  so it will fit in the space you will be storing it.

Then, there are wreaths and odd shaped things where another storage option is better. 
Amazon has these nice wreath storage bags that are perfect.

Even if you don't have a crawl space or attic, wreaths can be stored easily in these bags on a top shelf in a closet, or under a bed.

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I store most of our wrapping paper in a large drawer in our office. Since we only use it once a year, I store the rolls of Christmas wrapping paper in a plastic storage container like these in our attic.
plastic wrapping paper container
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If you don't have an attic, a Storage Box like this can be easily stored under a bed.

Christmas storage, organization, wrapping paper storage

Here's  the current storage space in our 6ft high crawl space. We also have a large space in our attic, but we don't keep much up there because it gets so hot in the summer. 
Christmas storage, organization

You can see How We Store Our Stuff Now HERE.

Would love to know how and where you store your Christmas storage.


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