Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pottery Barn Knockoff Storage Bed Finished with the Finish Max Sprayer

 I'm so excited to FINALLY show you the bed we made for the upstairs bedroom at the mountain cottage. I've said before that one of our main goals at our small mountain house is to increase storage in every room. Storage is paramount when choosing furniture, as well.
The bed we would choose for the bedrooms was no different. 
It HAD to have storage. 

The Pottery Barn Stratton bed was perfect! It had storage and baskets and was the right size.
It's a great bed, if you have $1,499 to spend on a bed...but we didn't.

So, we searched around on Pinterest for a similar storage bed and we found one with a cut sheet and instructions, which you can find HERE.

Mr. DIY went to the hardware store to get some plywood and started working.

He used his Kreg Tools Rip Cut and his circular saw to make the first cuts. 

One box down...

Three boxes down....
Still  looks like a bookcase at this point. 

Looks a little more finished now. 

At this point, Mr. DIY handed the bed off to me so I could fill all the holes,  sand, prime, sand again and paint it. 

After I had primed the bed, HomeRight sent me a Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer to review. I couldn't wait to get started. 

I had already put a couple of coats of primer on the wood when they sent me the sprayer, otherwise I would have used the Finish Max to apply it. 
We set up to paint the 3 pieces at home and I was able to get one piece finished. The Finish Max sprayer was pretty easy to use and had easy directions. The most difficult part was thinning the paint (which really wasn't difficult at all). The rest was a breeze. Adjust the nozzle to spray vertically or horizontally and pull the trigger. We were pleasantly surprised that the Finish Max paint sprayer didn't vibrate or make a horrible noise like our other paint sprayer. 

My only problem in using the paint sprayer was that it kept raining of an on every weekend we were home and I only finished one of the 3 pieces. 

So, we took all the pieces up to the mountain cottage and I finished a second piece of the bed. Then, it rained; every weekend we were there. for a month. 
I didn't have any space inside to paint as the whole house was a construction zone and we don't have a garage at the mountain cottage. 
Because the paint is thin,  thinner coats of paint is applied and each coat dries quickly. Thinner coats of  paint requires multiple coats. If you have a whole day with no rain, you could get a lot of painting finished in no time. We had less than half a day at a time and then we'd get our afternoon Summer showers. Can't complain about the smooth finish, though. 

The weather finally cooperated and the bed was painted. I love that the paint is really smooth and no roller marks. Cleaning the paint sprayer when I was finished wasn't difficult, especially with the tools they give you. 
You can go to the HomeRight website HERE and learn more about it.HomeRight makes it so easy to understand how to use their products because they have so many videos and have links to reviews by bloggers. 

We were so happy to get the bed upstairs and into the bedroom. 

Mr. DIY covered the center part with a few strips of wood and I applied a couple of coats of water based poly on each of the horizontal surfaces of the boxes, so things wouldn't stick to the latex paint. 

Look at all that storage!

I hope you will come back tomorrow to see how I dressed the bed!
I would love it if you left me a quick comment :)

UPDATE: you can see the storage bed all dressed up by clicking HERE


Savvy Southern Style

HomeRight sent me the Finish Max Sprayer at no charge, but did not compensate me to review their product.
Kreg Tools gave me the Rip Cut tool, but did not compensate me to mention their product.
I was not compensated for any tool or by any company mentioned or that was used to make our bed. 


  1. Wow Pam- I love how it turned out. You two really make a good team! The sprayer sounds great too! We tried a Wagner years ago and had problems with it so we never tried another. Can't wait to see how you dressed it!

  2. Wow that is awesome!! That is just what I need for the girls' room:-)

  3. That's awesome looking and just what we need at the beach cottage, hope I can find plans for it in a queen size..... Thanks for sharing this, I was looking at the PB storage beds as well as some others this past weekend. I think I can make this! Can't wait to show my husband, he's the one that mentioned a storage bed as we have next to no storage in our little cottage.

  4. Thanks for sharing this awesome blog Pam. I love to read this review.

  5. how much plywood did you have to use?

    1. Brooke, the shopping list and instructions are listed on Ana White's is in the post. Here's the URL

  6. Also, how much weight could this hold when built right? I have my husband and i, along with 3 large dogs... right now we total about 575 pounds! I just want to make sure this is a good fit for us. Thank you!

    1. It's really sturdy Shannon. We also put some wood over the center section. If you go to Ana White's website (link in post), you'll see what I mean. the bed can definitely hold as much or more than a box spring. It's really heavy too!

  7. how did you add the wood the the center? was it just a sheet of wood or something else?

    1. There's a photo of the finished center about 2/3rds of the way down. We used slats of wood that are laid on 2x2s that are attached to the different sections of the bed.

  8. What type of paint was used? antique white or something different? Also, is that a satin or semi gloss finish?

    Looks awesome!

    1. I just used Ultra White Semigloss from Valspar.

  9. Really nice project. I'm about to start one. I'd like to copy the finish and color. What type of paint and sheen did you use? Thanks!

  10. Where did you find the baskets?! My husband and I just finished this project but I can't find baskets to fit anywhere!!

    1. We left the bed open on the bottom and didn't add baskets. We weren't sure if we were going to add drawers, but decided not to. A bedskirt can be used to cover the bottom of the bed and the things stored in the bed.


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