Friday, February 26, 2010

So Many Projects .... So Little Time

Are you like me & have a LONG list of projects needing to be started or finished? Being a DIYer, our home has always been in a state of endless projects. And, we can't just work on one at a time, but have several going on at one time!
We've really kicked it in to high gear around our house beginning last summer because we are planning on putting our house on the market.

Here's what we've done so far:

* Guest Room: painted & decorated - After living in our house for 9 years the room was still painted the white builder primer paint.

I am not so good about taking before photos, but I dug around &
actually found a few before photos. This one was taken by my sister.
Wow, draperies are from the previous house & don't match the comforter)

* Master Bath: Yep, this room was still the builder white, too. Installed crown molding, replaced the large mirror with 2 picture frame ones & repainted the vanity light fixtures. You can see the progress we've made in the Master Bath here.
Our Master Bath before painting. Ughhh, is what
I said every time I went in here!

* Master Bedroom Draperies: Had the fabric for at least 2 years.
* Bonus Room: Installed a closet so we could list the house as a 5 bedroom.
* Upstairs Bath: Repainted.
* Powder Room: repainted a neutral color over the bordello red.
* 2 Bedrooms (2 daughters): Painted both, redecorated one. Almost finished  with one that is coming out REALLY well.
*Foyer: added crown molding below shelf above Front Door
* Basement: built mantel shelf & had the stonework done
* Deck: repainted
* Front Porch: replaced posts, removed railing
This is all in addition to decrappifying the entire house and basement!

Whew, I guess we've been busy.

Now here's what we still have to do:

* Master Bath: Tile floor. This is our next project coming up a few weeks
* Laundry Room: Tile floor
* Upstairs Bath: Tile floor
* Bonus Room/Office: install a closet organizer
* Upstairs Bedroom: Paint trim
* Porch: build a new rail
* Garage: Paint walls & Floor
* Family room, Foyer, Hallway: call a painter!

We are going to try to get this all finished by the end of May. That leaves us only 3 months! There is a project planned for EVERY one of our weekends. We are definitely going to be busy. I will post the after photos soon.

Do you have multiple projects going at one time and have "Design ADD" like me? Or, do you stick to one project at a time?

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!



  1. Pam I almost thought I was at the wrong blog LOL!!~ I change my blog just as much too.....I am not crazy about what I have now, and before it was too orange....I decorate my blog like I decorate the house FICKLE! Anyhow your DIY projects are great...I love your bathroom, the color was right on, and it looks like a model bathroom!~

  2. P.S. I really do like this background and header it looks totally like your style:) and colors!!~

  3. I had not been here!! Great to see all your projects and those fabulous kitchens below!


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