Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mirror, Mirrors, Everywhere!

I am really drawn to mirrors. Can't help it. I'm not sure what it is about them, but it's difficult for me to ignore them. Selecting art for the wall is much more difficult for me, but mirrors? Ahhh, there are so many beautiful ones.

This one is in the laundry room above coat rack.

The black mirror is in the hall next to the laundry room. All the girls check themselves in it before heading out the door.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom closet - I use this one when I try on jewelry.

Had to add this one in a wall grouping in the foyer.

I found this mirror at Bombay. Love the classic lines. This one is also in the Foyer.

A very special mirror hangs in my dining room. It was my grandmother's mirror that hung in her grand Louis XV living room. I received my creative bent from her. My grandmother would see a dress in a shop window, then make the pattern & sew the dress. I was a patternmaker for a clothing manufacturer for several years. I know all of you have certain thing you are drawn to in terms of decorative accessories. What are the decorative things you love?

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I almost forgot this one in our basement family room!


  1. You have some gorgeous mirrors Pam!~ I like mirrors too, what I don't like is cleaning them:)

  2. Ok... NOW we're talkin' sistah! LuViN' this last mirror the most! maybe b/c it's silver... or maybe b/c it's the Sun and I'm a Leo (lol)

    Great mirrors and post Pam!
    and I agree with Debbie: Love mirrors: Hate cleaning them!
    :D Lynda

  3. Pam, I love mirrors, too. Some that I want are so darn expensive. I also love lamps and pillows. Always finding new ones I like and then think where will I put this?????????

  4. Beautiful mirrors!! Love the detail at the tops of the second set of mirrors and that sweet little one in your perfect for selecting jewelry! :>

  5. Ha! I think it would be easier to name the things I'm NOT drawn to. Love the jewelry on the dressmaker's form.

  6. Love all of these! My fave is the bottom one in your basement. I have a starburst mirror in my house. Love them!
    Love your blog!

    Candace (Candy and Cake)

  7. Beautiful mirror collection! I love mirrors too but I'm definitely addicted to throw pillows and glass vases/jars/urns/etc. Oh and pretty fabric. :)

    TGIF Pam! I love your blog. I'm off to check out more and a new follower! ;)



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